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Quantum NanoOptomechanics and Forces (QNOF)

The recently founded (Jan. 2022) QNOF group investigates force measurement using nanomechanical oscillators. The group's first projects are based on nano-drums coupled to microwave resonators.
Mosaic of drum resonators


Drum resonators
Drum resonators coupled to microwave cavities.

Casimir force
Casimir force between the superconducting aluminum plates of a drum resonator.

magnetic imaging
Magneto-optical detection principle and magnetic flux lines around a single-quantum vortex threading the two layers of a drum resonator.

Laure Mercier de Lepinay

Group leader:

Assistant Professor Laure Mercier de Lépinay

Current members of the group

 Laure Mercier de Lépinay

Laure Mercier de Lépinay

Assistant Professor

Jürgen Luus

Research assistant


A group of eight Aalto people awarded in Aalto Day One, standing and holding flower bouquets

Members of Aalto community awarded for their great work

The opening of the academic year celebrated heroes of research, teaching and community building

The drumheads exhibit a collective quantum motion. Picture: Juha Juvonen.

Aalto researchers awarded Physics World Breakthrough of the Year for macroscopic quantum entanglement

Aalto University Professor Mika A. Sillanpää, his team and collaborators at the University of New South Wales in Canberra, Australia, have won the Physics World 2021 Breakthrough of the Year. The prize was awarded for establishing quantum entanglement between a pair of macroscopic drumheads – two mechanical resonators that were tiny but still much larger than the subatomic particles that are usually entangled. The award has previously been given for the first direct observation of a black hole and for the detection of gravitational waves, which also received a Nobel Prize.

Laure Mercier de Lepinay, Andrea Sand, Päivi Törmä

Meet our female PHYS professors

In honour of the International Women's Day on March 8th we interviewed our female faculty at the Department of Applied Physics.

Laure Mercier de Lepinay, photo by Mikko_Raskinen

New professor Laure Mercier de Lépinay: It is important to stay flexible in our understanding of the world

Laure Mercier de Lépinay I continue to study microwave optomechanics which can allow us to uncover new fundamental physics.


Latest publications

Quantum backaction evading measurements of a silicon nitride membrane resonator

Yulong Liu, Jingwei Zhou, Laure Mercier De Lépinay, Mika A. Sillanpää 2022 New Journal of Physics

A macroscopic object passively cooled into its quantum ground state of motion beyond single-mode cooling

D. Cattiaux, I. Golokolenov, S. Kumar, M. Sillanpää, L. Mercier de Lépinay, R. R. Gazizulin, X. Zhou, A. D. Armour, O. Bourgeois, A. Fefferman, E. Collin 2021 Nature Communications

Mapping the Cavity Optomechanical Interaction with Subwavelength-Sized Ultrasensitive Nanomechanical Force Sensors

Francesco Fogliano, Benjamin Besga, Antoine Reigue, Philip Heringlake, Laure Mercier de Lépinay, Cyril Vaneph, Jakob Reichel, Benjamin Pigeau, Olivier Arcizet 2021 Physical Review X

Microwave single-Tone optomechanics in the classical regime

Ilya Golokolenov, Dylan Cattiaux, Sumit Kumar, Mika Sillanpää, Laure Mercier De Lépinay, Andrew Fefferman, Eddy Collin 2021 New Journal of Physics

Quantum mechanics-free subsystem with mechanical oscillators

Laure Mercier de Lépinay, Caspar F. Ockeloen-Korppi, Matthew J. Woolley, Mika A. Sillanpää 2021 Science (New York, N.Y.)

Beyond linear coupling in microwave optomechanics

D. Cattiaux, X. Zhou, Sumit Kumar, I. Golokolenov, R. R. Gazizulin, A. Luck, Laure Mercier de Lepinay, Mika Sillanpää, A. D. Armour, A. Fefferman, E. Collin 2020 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Nonreciprocal Transport Based on Cavity Floquet Modes in Optomechanics

Laure Mercier De Lépinay, Caspar F. Ockeloen-Korppi, Daniel Malz, Mika A. Sillanpää 2020 Physical Review Letters

Realization of Directional Amplification in a Microwave Optomechanical Device

Laure Mercier de Lepinay, Erno Damskägg, Caspar F. Ockeloen-Korppi, Mika A. Sillanpää 2019 Physical Review Applied

Counting the Quanta of Sound

Laure Mercier de Lepinay, Mika Sillanpää 2018 Physics

Eigenmode orthogonality breaking and anomalous dynamics in multimode nano-optomechanical systems under non-reciprocal coupling

Laure Mercier De Lépinay, Benjamin Pigeau, Benjamin Besga, Olivier Arcizet 2018 Nature Communications
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