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Pico - Quantum Phenomena and Devices

We investigate mesoscopic physics and its sensor applications. The main focus is on charge transport and thermal properties of metallic, superconducting and hybrid nanostructures. Particular research topics include electronic thermometry and refrigeration, nonequilibrium effects, Josephson devices, quantized and coherent charge pumping, noise, fluctuations and full counting statistics of charge and heat transport.
Jukka Pekola

Group leader: Jukka Pekola

Tel: +358 40 700 9290, +358 50 344 2697
e-mail: jukka.pekola(at)

Minna Günes
+358 50 3018442
e-mail: minna.gunes(at)

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Latest publications

Radio-Frequency Coulomb-Blockade Thermometry

Florian Blanchet, Yu Cheng Chang, Bayan Karimi, Joonas T. Peltonen, Jukka P. Pekola 2022 Physical Review Applied

Using materials for quasiparticle engineering

Gianluigi Catelani, J.P. Pekola 2022 Materials for Quantum Technology

Games for Teaching/Learning Quantum Mechanics

Maria Luisa Chiofalo, Caterina Foti, Marisa Michelini, Lorenzo Santi, Alberto Stefanel 2022 EDUCATION SCIENCES

Witnessing objectivity on a quantum computer

Dario A. Chisholm, Guillermo García-Pérez, Matteo A.C. Rossi, Sabrina Maniscalco, G. Massimo Palma 2022 Quantum Science and Technology

Learning Feedback Control Strategies for Quantum Metrology

Alessio Fallani, Matteo A.C. Rossi, Dario Tamascelli, Marco G. Genoni 2022 PRX Quantum

Culturo-Scientific Storytelling

Simon Goorney, Caterina Foti, Lorenzo Santi, Jacob Sherson, Jorge Yago Malo, Maria Luisa Chiofalo 2022 EDUCATION SCIENCES

Photonic heat transport in three terminal superconducting circuit

Azat Gubaydullin, George Thomas, Dmitry S. Golubev, Dmitrii Lvov, Joonas T. Peltonen, Jukka P. Pekola 2022 Nature Communications

InstituteQ - The Finnish National Quantum Institute

Minna Gunes, Himadri S. Majumdar, Paolo Muratore Ginanneschi, J.P. Pekola 2022 Arkhimedes

Cooper-Pair Box Coupled to Two Resonators

Andrew Guthrie, Christoforus Dimas Satrya, Yu Cheng Chang, Paul Menczel, Franco Nori, Jukka P. Pekola 2022 Physical Review Applied

Thermal self-oscillations in monolayer graphene coupled to a superconducting microwave cavity

M. T. Haque, M. Will, A. Zyuzin, D. Golubev, P. Hakonen 2022 New Journal of Physics
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