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Pico - Quantum Phenomena and Devices

We investigate mesoscopic physics and its sensor applications. The main focus is on charge transport and thermal properties of metallic, superconducting and hybrid nanostructures. Particular research topics include electronic thermometry and refrigeration, nonequilibrium effects, Josephson devices, quantized and coherent charge pumping, noise, fluctuations and full counting statistics of charge and heat transport.
Jukka Pekola

Group leader: Jukka Pekola

Tel: +358 40 700 9290, +358 50 344 2697
e-mail: jukka.pekola(at)

Minna Günes
+358 50 3018442
e-mail: minna.gunes(at)

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Latest publications

Lee-Yang theory of Bose-Einstein condensation

Fredrik Brange, Tuomas Pyhäranta, Eppu Heinonen, Kay Brandner, Christian Flindt 2023 Physical Review A

Quantum Simulation of Dissipative Collective Effects on Noisy Quantum Computers

Marco Cattaneo, Matteo A.C. Rossi, Guillermo García-Pérez, Roberta Zambrini, Sabrina Maniscalco 2023 PRX Quantum

Quantum Stirling heat engine operating in finite time

Debmalya Das, George Thomas, Andrew N. Jordan 2023 Physical Review A

Thermodynamic geometry of ideal quantum gases : a general framework and a geometric picture of BEC-enhanced heat engines

Joshua Eglinton, Tuomas Pyhäranta, Keiji Saito, Kay Brandner 2023 New Journal of Physics

Experimentally accessible nonseparability criteria for multipartite-entanglement-structure detection

Guillermo García-Pérez, Oskari Kerppo, Matteo A.C. Rossi, Sabrina Maniscalco 2023 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Link Prediction with Continuous-Time Classical and Quantum Walks

Mark Goldsmith, Harto Saarinen, Guillermo García-Pérez, Joonas Malmi, Matteo A.C. Rossi, Sabrina Maniscalco 2023 Entropy

Cooper pair splitting controlled by a temperature gradient

Dmitry S. Golubev, Andrei D. Zaikin 2023 Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology

Fluctuations and stability of a fast-driven Otto cycle

Ana Laura Gramajo, Elisabetta Paladino, Jukka Pekola, Rosario Fazio 2023 Physical Review B

Calorimetry of a phase slip in a Josephson junction

E. Gümüş, D. Majidi, D. Nikolić, P. Raif, B. Karimi, J. T. Peltonen, E. Scheer, J. P. Pekola, H. Courtois, W. Belzig, C. B. Winkelmann 2023 Nature Physics

A qubit tames its environment

Bayan Karimi, Jukka P. Pekola 2023 Nature Physics
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