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Quantum Transport (QT)

The research group works on theoretical problems in quantum transport.

Our group works on theoretical problems in quantum transport. Central research topics include dynamic single-electron emitters, noise and fluctuations in electronic conductors, single-electron tunnelling and interactions, and charge transport in hybrid micro-wave cavity architectures. In related areas, we are also interested in non-classical correlations and entanglement as well as quantum jump trajectories. We employ a range of theoretical tools from scattering theory, quantum many-body physics, and statistical mechanics.

Contact: Prof. Christian Flindt

Latest publications

Thermodynamic Geometry of Microscopic Heat Engines

Kay Brandner, Keiji Saito 2020 Physical Review Letters

Lee-Yang theory of the Curie-Weiss model and its rare fluctuations

Aydin Deger, Christian Flindt 2020 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Shortcuts to Adiabatic Pumping in Classical Stochastic Systems

Ken Funo, Neill Lambert, Franco Nori, Christian Flindt 2020 Physical Review Letters

Spin-polarized multiple Andreev reflections in spin-split superconductors

Bo Lu, Pablo Burset, Yukio Tanaka 2020 Physical Review B

Thermodynamics of cyclic quantum amplifiers

Paul Menczel, Christian Flindt, Kay Brandner 2020 Physical Review A

Composite two-particle sources

Michael Moskalets, Janne Kotilahti, Pablo Burset, Christian Flindt 2020 EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL: SPECIAL TOPICS

Noise and full counting statistics of a Cooper pair splitter

Nicklas Walldorf, Fredrik Brange, Ciprian Padurariu, Christian Flindt 2020 Physical Review B

Photon counting statistics of a microwave cavity

Fredrik Brange, Paul Menczel, Christian Flindt 2019 Physical Review B

Time-Domain Spectroscopy of Mesoscopic Conductors Using Voltage Pulses

Pablo Burset, Janne Kotilahti, Michael Moskalets, Christian Flindt 2019 Advanced Quantum Technologies

Subgap states in two-dimensional spectroscopy of graphene-based superconducting hybrid junctions

Oscar E. Casas, Shirley Gómez Páez, Alfredo Levy Yeyati, Pablo Burset, William J. Herrera 2019 Physical Review B
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