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Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programmes offered by the Department of Applied Physics
Researcher at Aalto University fixating a tool for graphene research purposes

Bachelor's programme

There is one English-language Bachelor's degree involving the Department of Applied Physics: The Bachelor's programme in Quantum Technology. Courses are also available for students in other engineering degree programmes both in the School of Science and in the other schools. The physics laboratory experiments are an essential part of undergraduate studies. The department’s research groups provide topics and supervision for bachelor’s theses on various topical fields of physics. 

Master's programme

The Master's Programme in Engineering Physics offers two majors: Materials Physics and Quantum Technology, and Advanced Energy Technologies. The majors consist of a core component and a flexible choice of courses selected by the student. The core courses cover important topics for engineering physics and methods from computational, theoretical, and experimental physics. The core content of the programme also allows for a more detailed focus on certain subjects.

The rest of the studies have a very flexible structure, and provides the student with the possibility of focusing in physics, nanoscience, energy studies, or designing a more cross-disciplinary content for the major. The student can also choose to complete a minor subject, or complete a more extended major.

Doctoral programme

The Department of Applied Physics is highly committed to doctoral researcher training of which the research groups bear the main responsibility. The postgraduate students have a large flexibility and responsibility in the postgraduate studies. The doctoral studies are based on top-level scientific research. 

The department has roughly 25 research groups which offer PhD research positions in topical experimental, theoretical or computational projects. Graduate training networks at the School of Science provide also training in terms of courses, summer schools, and workshops.

Research excellence

The Department of Applied Physics is recognised for its research excellence through numerous national and international external funding awards.

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Aalto-yliopisto, liput / kuvaaja: Aino Huovio

Stakeholder Advisory Board

The Stakeholder Advisory Board for physics students has been established in 2021. The purpose is to enhance the connection between physics students and private enterprises - how physics studies lead to interesting jobs and careers outside academia. As of now, we organize get-togethers with students, excursions to the companies, and visitor lectures where the companies can tell about their activities in research and development.

The Advisory Board consist of the following companies and experts. These cover a board scope of enterprises, also beyond a typical physicist's profile, ranging from very large companies to fresh spin-offs:

VTT: Sanna Arpiainen
IQM: Juha Vartiainen
Nordea: Jukka Sinisalo
Boco IP Oy Ab: Thomas Carlsson
Kaiku Health: Joel Lehikoinen
Granlund: Anna Korolyuk

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