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Workday is a cloud based Personnel Management software as well as Human Resources database. Workday is also the self-service system for all employees and visitors. To sign in you need an active Aalto account. Workday is available in English and Finnish. You can find Workday from the Tools menu, or navigate directly to


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Aalto Workday
Haka kirjautuminen
Haka sign in is required when your computer is not connected to secure Aalto Network.

Sign in

Workday can be found above, and in the Tools menu in the upper right corner of, or you can choose to navigate directly to

Before signing in is possible, you need to activate your Aalto account, or your student Aalto account needs to update to employee. Both are depended on the employment contract dates registered in Workday.

If you are using Aalto's computer within Aalto campus, you are already signed in to secure Aalto network and you will automatically be signed in to Workday once you navigate to Workday. If your computer is not connected to Aalto network or you are outside on Aalto campus, you will be asked to sign in with Haka.

Please note, all Workday functions are not available when signing in with Haka, eg. adding or updating bank details, is not possible when user is not in secure Aalto network,however aremote secure connection is possible via VPN even from home.

If you have activated your aalto account, you have a valid employment contract and you are not able to sign in even in incognito mode via Haka, please contact your local HR unit.

Workday landing page, dashboard, control panel
Landing page aka personal control panel

Home page

Once signed in you land on this view, where you can control and manage your own data as well as begin tasks, such as edit (1.) Personal information (address, ICE contacts) or Career information (education). New employees will receive an personal info updating task in their (2.) Inbox as part of their Onboarding. Please remember to Submit the task from inbox if you navigate to personal information via landing page. All tasks in your inbox require your attention and a reaction.

(3.) Notifications are for your information and only require an acknowledgement. You will receive a notification eg. when you employment data is being edited by HR.

Your worker profile

You can navigate to your own worker profile from the upper left corner: Click your own picture (or the cloud image, if you are yet to change the picture) and click View profile.

In your profile, on the left, you can switch between the sections, eg. to Job, Time off or Contact.

Worker's profile
Worker's profile

Employment details:

These details are as agreed on your employment contract. Updating or correcting these details can only be done through HR.

  • Job title: the official title for your job or position in Aalto, that follows the official Aalto guidelines for titles 
  • Business title:  can be used to specify the work tasks along with the official title
  • Job profile: Broad job description that corresponds with your position, no specified tasks
  • FTE: working percentage
  • Location: building you mainly work at, tied to contract details (only HR can edit)
  • End and start dates of your current contract
edit work phone WD
Remember to remove old if you add new, or simpy edit the existing

Work contact details

You can update your work contact details in section Contact in your worker profile: Press Edit and choose Edit work contact information.

Address allows you to add a work adress. Please mark the address you added as alternate location above in Business location section for it to be visible in your profile.

(Primary business location is defined in employment details.)

Add or edit work phone.

Your work email is based on your preferred name. If you have an incorrect work email here, please check first your preferred name (section Personal; tab Names)

Vaihda kieli
Personal account preferences

Change Daily Digest -email notification frequency or language preferences

  • Go to My account (eg. click your profile icon on the upper right corner) > Change preferences
  • To change email frequency: scroll down to section Channel > on the left you can choose email > change the dispatch frequency to eg. "daily" (start writing daily, and hit enter to choose). Default setting is "immediatly".
  • To change language: Preferred Display Language >  Suomi > Sign out and back in

More instructions

Please contact your local HR-unit for personal advice.

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