Contemporary Design

Materials and Living Systems

As biomaterial is a broad and currently widely used term, the students learn to explore and discover new perspectives to biomaterials within their systems and understand how to create their own creative approach towards these materials. In the course we explore, understand and work with bio-materials and their systemic contexts: natural / social / lifecycle. Depending of the annual topic, the course may be executed in collaboration with a company or organization. The core of the course is to design an innovative concept in the given context, and to execute process-driven, hands-on material experimentation that aims to use material exploration as a source for practice-based design research. The background research, process documentation and final presentation/exhibition are an important part of the learning process.
a birdhouse made of mycelium hanging from a tree
Mycelium birdhouse by Johannes Kaarakainen

2020 the course will focus on funghi and forests

*2021 the course will focus on algae and the ocean

Professor Julia Lohmann
Lecturer Anna van der Lei

Projects 2023

Three Baltikkari lollipops made of algae


by Birta Rós Brynjólfsdóttir, Yutaro Komaki, Johanna Martiskin & Jie Wu

Contemporary Design
A collection of algae biomaterial samples

Exploring Nature-Inspired Hull Coatings

by Xuanpu Huang, Hana Rehorčíková, Jenni Mirjami Salminen

Contemporary Design
Taking a shower with a green foamy soap, algae in the background

Baltic Bath

by Katri Oikarinen, Daniel Georg Schiechl, Minchen Stenersen, Suvi Tamminen

Contemporary Design
Two people laying on yoga mats in a ”Baltic Herring” yoga pose

Baltic Sea Yoga

by Paulina Varis, Saga Rantanen, João Justino, Kauri Rantala

Contemporary Design

Projects 2021

A hand covered with a seaweed and pine needle material

Baltic Tragedy

by Etienne Thevenet

Contemporary Design
Two cool algae comic characters with sunglasses in the middle and a collection of comic panels on each side


by Nina Naveršnik

Contemporary Design
Seaweed hanging on a branch, a murky sea in the background

The Algae Network

by Sonja Dallyn

Contemporary Design
algae font
Contemporary Design
Three screen forming a long immersive video experience, water themed

Inner Ocean

by Chien-Chi Kuo

Contemporary Design
A miniature forest made of algae and placed in a terrarium kind of environment
Contemporary Design
An installation of 'algae crowns' in the Baltic Sea
Contemporary Design

Projects 2020

Lectured by Julia Lohmann (CoDe) & Anna van der Lei (CoDe)

a dark forest with fungi growing from a tree

Fungal future 2120

by Alejandra Perea Alarcón

Contemporary Design
a text: "Where does your body start and where does your body end?" on a red disgusting background


by Ena Naito

Contemporary Design
a birdhouse made of mycelium hanging from a tree

Mycelium birdhouse

by Johannes Kaarakainen

Contemporary Design
two white plates with tempeh-based biomaterial on them
Contemporary Design
3d modelled organic shaped creature

Forests creatures

by Apolline Laforet

Contemporary Design
an illustrated family portrait
Contemporary Design
different coloured organic materials on display

Cooking knowledge

by Hannakaisa Pekkala

Contemporary Design
a close-up of a tree that has been marked by paint

For Central Park

by Sirena Nieminen

Contemporary Design
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