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Flower clutch
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Irene Purasachit saw the floral industry’s waste problem firsthand – now she makes material for handbags from discarded blooms

Nearly half of cut flowers end up in the trash, never making their way to dinner tables or first dates
Soil exhibits from the project Traces_from_the_Anthropocene Working_with_Soil. Photo:TzuyuChen
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Soil Matters exhibition chosen as the winner of Design Museum´s open call

Soil Matters exhibition chosen as the winner of Design Museum´s open call
Julia Lohmann's Department of Seaweed at WEF. Photo: Mikko Raskinen
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Julia Lohmann: ‘We know too much and do too little’

Lohmann’s magnificent seaweed pavilion won the sustainable design category for Dezeen Awards 2020.
What is contemporary design?
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Contemporary design enables critical reflection

Design is the method with which we shape our world. The new MA Contemporary Design combines material-led design with critical and conceptual thinking practices.

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Contemporary Design

Modular mold development - From experimental design to product series by Heikki Konu in cooperation with Jukka Jokinen

This research is about the development of the modular glass blowing mold and the usage of the mold for manufacturing glass objects in hot work shop. The modular mold enables countless shapes produced with one mold, which makes the form creation process different from the traditional way. The project is carried out as teamwork; the mold development process, testing and design of the products manufactured are done in full cooperation with Jukka Jokinen and Heikki Konu. The literary work has been divided equally 50-50 between the designers, Jokinen focusing on the mold development and Konu on using the mold in glass blowing process.
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We Make Effort. Reflections on feminism, togetherness and practicing in the context of design by Aliisa Talja

We Make Effort enquires into personal experiences of aiming to practice feminism collectively in the context of design. The thesis stems from a place in time coloured by a sense of societal urgency, value contradictions with practicing as a designer, and not quite knowing how to negotiate them. It unfolds some personal, professional and political meanings of engaging with feminist theory and collectivity, as well as the consequent shifts in conceiving practice in the field of design.
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Pigments of Microorganisms by Eveliina Juuri

'Pigments of Microorganisms' is a study of microorganisms that are able to produce colourful pigments. Within this thesis work I inspected in depth to laboratory working with the biochemistry scientists and as a designer I implemented a series of material experiments together with the microbial produced colourants.
Hakola Mama pink, photo Hakola
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hashtag #hakolamama, Anatomy of a Finnish wooden chair by Samuli Helavuo

The topic of this master’s thesis is the design of a wooden dining chair for Hakola Huonekalu Oy. The aim was to design a chair that can be industrially manufactured in the Jurva area in Southern Ostrobothnia. The chair should complement Hakola’s existing product line in a natural and fresh way, adding more content and value to the customer’s brand. The choice of topic was influenced by the author’s need to diversify his product design expertise and challenge himself to design a product that had not been completely designed before by himself.The focus of this thesis was also on increasing professional knowledge of wood materials, wood furniture production methods, the potential of the domestic furniture industry, ecologically and ethically sustainable design and seating ergonomics.

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