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An interview with the Faculty of Aalto University’s MA in Contemporary Design

The ARTEFAKTI Team sits down with the faculty of Aalto University’s Master’s in Contemporary Design to discuss the origins of the programme, students’ expansive outcomes, and the common values that underscore its teachings. We also talk about how we interpret contemporary design and the way it factors into the wider field of design.
Sofia Guridi pictured in a lab setting.
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Sofia Guridi is designing a better world with smart textiles

Sofia Guridi, a doctoral student at Aalto University’s Bioinnovation Center, wants to introduce bio-based smart textiles that help improve people’s everyday life.
Lasileipiä roikkumassa vartaassa
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Donor artwork was unveiled at the Väre Night Out stakeholder event

The power of creativity and sustainability brought together stakeholders, alumni, researchers and staff of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.
Irene Purasachit
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Irene Purasachit saw the floral industry’s waste problem firsthand – now she makes material for handbags from discarded blooms

Nearly half of cut flowers end up in the trash, never making their way to dinner tables or first dates
Workshop table full of tools for working with plaster and clay
Contemporary Design

Ceramic Laboratory

The course is studio-based and includes the practical realization of an experimental art or design project in ceramics. The theme and standpoint changes yearly: from artifacts to surface design, from material research to exploring one´s artistic expression, and others. The assessment starts with gathering research material in pairs. The final brief is processed individually. It starts by sketching and presenting the concept ideas, proceeding to studio work, and resulting in the making of prototypes or material experiments from ceramics. The concept development, designing, readings, and evaluation are processed theoretically in project seminars, where ideas, working methods as well as chosen solutions are discussed. The module ends up with a small exhibition presenting the results.
A collection of dark green-brownish glass mugs and a vase with blob like ornamental handles
Contemporary Design

Materials in flux - A creative approach towards understanding contemporary material dilemmas by Miia Lötjönen

This Master’s Thesis explores how a material-oriented designer could better affect the far-reaching consequences of her action by shaping the framework by expanding the scope of the design process from the object's life cycle to the materials' life cycle.
A close up image of wild red clay
Contemporary Design

Wild – Searching for Finnish high-fire clay by Mira Niittymäki

Empirical research of Finnish minerals and a study of the meaning of material origins in the context of art, design and ceramic practice.
Two blue-greenish painted fish tails swimming to the right off the page
Contemporary Design

The Asymptotes by Ena Naito

Book-writing as Design: Exploration of a hydro-logic process towards a multimodal creative nonfiction
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