Contemporary Design

Stories of my family with forest and fungi

by Hanna Kutvonen
an illustrated family portrait
Character designs of all the interviewed family members

This project was about ideating animations based on the stories I collected from my family.

During the course I was thinking a lot about my own relationship with nature and the factors that have played a role in the process of creating that relationship. I think the most influential part of me growing up to appreciate nature so much comes from my family, especially my grandparents. Since I was little, I have spent time with my grandparents, from both sides of the family, at their summer cottages, and we have gone fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, seal spotting trips and other nature adventures together. I also enjoy listening the stories they tell me about their own adventures and encounters with nature.

I decided to ask from my family members to share their stories with me and use them as a base for animations. During the relatively short time we had to create our projects, I developed character designs of the family members I interviewed, and made some of the stories into story boards that I will later use to make the animations.

The stories I collected were quite personal for my family members so for now I decided to share just the illustrations and the storyboards I made and not the detailed stories here on Contemporary Design’s website.

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