Contemporary Design

Cooking knowledge

by Hannakaisa Pekkala
different coloured organic materials on display

The project takes personal experiments of how to cook low-tech DIY biobased materials into social context and studies sharing the knowledge of new material innovations. There’s already a lot of information available on biobased materials and how to make them yourself, but it’s hard to find relevant and good sources from the enormous information flow.

            Designers often focus only on their personal work. Starting from the material tests, the endcome is often one design object, and the project stops there. What if we wouldn’t always start from the same point, but instead utilized more of the knowledge that’s already out there? What if we shared more of our processes and knowledge - could we achieve better end results in shorter time, could more of the material samples be developed further and into production? Who else could benefit from this except the designers themselves?

            The process also investigates “Design Learning”, a new teaching method for elementary schools, where kids are teached on several subjects through creative design methods. Learning of biomaterials, and how to make them yourself, could be a great way to teach about many important issues of tomorrow.

            The project consists of a curated information bank shared to the CoDe programme, example of a lesson plan for design learning schools and self-made easy biomaterial sample tests.

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