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Career Services for School of Business students

Our goal in the School of Business Career Services is to enable our students to find meaningful work that corresponds to their studies. We support our students during their studies and offer opportunities to learn about different career paths and job opportunities in different industries.
Aalto University School of Business offers wide range of career services for our students

Since 1991, the School of Business Career Services has acted as a bridge between the School of Business students and employers.

We are part of the same unit as the Corporate and Alumni Relations of the School and work in close cooperation with Aalto University Career Design Lab. We also collaborate with many other networks within Aalto University, as well as nationally (e.g. Aarresaari Career Services network of Finnish universities) and internationally. We serve both students and employers and provide information and statistics on the placement of our graduates.

We support students in designing their careers by providing

  • training,
  • personal career advice,
  • Aalto JobTeaser job portal as well as the Highered and GoinGlobal portals for international job search,
  • Aalto Talent Expo and Summer Job Day recruitment fairs and other recruitment events, 
  • career events with alumni,
  • mentoring programme,
  • Aalto International Talent programme for our international students,
  • internship support and grants and
  • career and placement information in our communication channels.

Our communication channels include e.g. the Aalto BIZ CareerMail newsletter, Instagram and direct emails.

Make sure you get all important messages also from our partner companies and give us permission to send you messages in recruitment-related matters in Sisu (Yhteystietojani saa käyttää rekrytointitarkoituksiin / My contact information can be used for Recruitment purposes). Your contact information will not be given to any outsider, but by giving us the permission, we can forward you their career- and recruitment-related messages (such as information about their recruitment periods and invitations to events). The messages from Career Services will be sent by default to all students, unless the student has unsubscribed the messages.

Priority: listening to clients

We actively collect student feedback on all of our services and we use the feedback to improve our services. Every year, we send a customer satisfaction survey to all students at the School of Business. In addition, the business students have a possibility to impact our services via the annually selected External Relations Student Council. The Student Council has been sparring our activities (with employers and alumni) since 2009. The students are recruited to the Council in the early fall.

The Council consists of students who represent the School's various majors and different starting years, as well as a KY representative. In addition to the basic meetings, the Council and representatives of the School's partner companies meet at the end of the academic year in a joint workshop, where the results of our annual student survey are reviewed and e.g. services connecting students and employers are developed.

A group of people stand in front of a flip chart and seem to be discussing with each other

It was very interesting to get to discuss matters such as the various problems of recruitment with representatives of the partner companies.

School of Business student, member of student council

Students are satisfied with our services

According to the data obtained from various surveys, our students are generally satisfied with our services. This shows e.g. in the Universum's global study regarding student satisfaction. We also get good feedback from our alumni who respond to the School's placement survey.

In 2017, the Aalto University Student Union awarded the Seal of Approval Award to the School of Business Career Services. The AYY Seal of Approval is a prize awarded to practices of Aalto University, which the students find successful. 

You'll reach us via [email protected]. On this page you will find more information about our services and our contact information. See also our page and recommendations especially for School of Business International Students who are looking to find employment and integrate into the Finnish working life.

Let's be in touch!

More information

Career services are a very important support for students and a significant part of university activities.

Source: Aalto University School of Business Career Services Student Survey 2024
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Building a career begins already during your studies. See a summary of services and tips to help you prepare for your future career from the start of your studies.

Aalto JobTeaser job portal belongs to Career Services' services.

Aalto JobTeaser portal

Aalto JobTeaser (only with aalto login) is every Aalto University student's own career portal. From JobTeaser you will find a job portal where we annually publish thousands of internships and jobs suitable for Aalto University students, as well as thesis topics.

From JobTeaser you will also find all our career events, company profiles, a guide for job search, Highered and GoinGlobal portals for international job search and the appointment for personal career advice. You should fill in your profile in JobTeaser since it guides what you will see on the job portal. Read the instructions (with aalto login) first and find the jobs that interest you!

 Career Services offers personal career or job search guidance

Job search and career guidance

As a bachelor's and master's student at the School of Business, you have the opportunity to receive personal job search and career counseling from the School of Business Career Services specialists. For example, in a career meeting, we can help you to identify your skills and help you to show them in a best way in your CV and application letter, as well as provide tips on polishing your LinkedIn profile to top condition and succeeding in a job interview or applying for an internship or a job.

You can book an appointment with us via Aalto JobTeaser (only aalto login). 

You can find career support events on Aalto JobTeaser.

Job search training and career events

We organize job search trainings for students together with our partner companies during the academic year. Topics include e.g. writing a successful CV and application letter, using LinkedIn in job search, succeeding in job and case interviews. In the training you get great tips directly from company recruiters!

In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in various career and mentoring events, where you can talk career, job search and work related matters with alumni who have graduated from the School of Business. Tips from our alumni are worth their weight in gold!

You can find all our events from Aalto JobTeaser (only aalto login). 

Summer Job Fair helped me land my summer job! For us international students, this was a huge help to get a chance to network with companies.

Source: Aalto University School of Business Career Services Student Survey 2024
Aalto Talent Expo 2019. Kuva: Rasmus Karppinen

Recruitment fairs and employer events

At Aalto Talent Expo and Summer Job Day recruitment fairs you will meet employers who recruit Aalto University students, and you can participate also to CV and LinkedIn clinics held by our partner companies. There might be also other recruitment events during the academic year.

You can find all our events from Aalto JobTeaser (only aalto login). 

Annual mentoring programs are organized by Aalto University.

Aalto University Mentoring Programme

Aalto University Student Alumni Mentoring Programme brings together about 150 mentoring pairs each year. The programme participants are both our Finnish and international students, as well as Aalto University alumni who live in Finland and around the world. You can apply for your own mentor when you are in master's level in your studies. Mentoring has a long tradition at the School of Business, and approximately 70 School of Business students participate in the programme each year.

Campus life by Unto Rautio

Aalto International Talent Program

Aalto International Talent Program is a group mentoring initiative bringing together our international students and employers looking for talent. Connect with industry professionals and Aalto alumni, learn about Finnish working life and culture and get insight into industries. Approximately 150-200 students and 10-20 companies participate in the program each year.

Two students working in a lab

Career Design Tools

The future of work is made of change and adaptation – and so is career design. Check out our research-based tips and tools and begin experimenting!

Career Services support internships in Finland and abroad.

Internship support and grants

Students can apply for grants for internships abroad or receive an internship voucher / internship support for internships in Finland. For internships in Finland you can get support for your internship in non-profit organizations and state organizations (incl. Finnish embassies abroad) in Finland. In addition, international students can apply for an internship voucher that can be used to fund internships at small companies in Finland.

Read more about the internships in Finland and internships abroad.

Alumni sitting in a chair in Dipoli.

Finland Works course

By taking Finland Works open online course, you will learn how to navigate Finnish working life and how to build a career. We explore working life in Finland from societal, organisational and individual perspectives. Once you have finished this course you will have a better understanding of work culture in Finland, what working in a Finnish company is like, how individuals find work-life balance in Finland, how to communicate your skills, and how to look for jobs in Finland.

Career Services for International Students

Career Services aims to help the international students in integrating into Finland and find meaningful careers.

Read more
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See also

School of Business students sitting

School of Business alumni stories

Here you can find School of Business alumni stories. Our alumni share their professional journeys and give advice and tips regarding working life. The stories have been sorted based on the alumni's majors. The newest publications are placed first in the major groups.

School of Business
Opiskelijoita käytävällä. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Aino Huovio

School of Business Graduates in Working Life

Aalto University School of Business Career Services follows the career development and labor market situation of School of Business graduates.

School of Business

Student feedback and surveys after graduation

All the major student feedback forms and surveys available at Aalto University School of Business.

School of Business

News from our activities

A woman is standing outside with her hands spread out. A town and sea is seen in the backgrond.

Fia Hedman was able to develop her skills and she learned a lot of new things as a Trainee in the School of Business' External Relations Unit

Bella-Fia Hedman, a third-year marketing student at the School of Business, worked for four months in autumn 2023 as a communications and marketing trainee at the School of Business' External Relations unit.

Students sitting at Aalto University School of Business

Up to 97% of our Master's degree graduates recommend the business degree

The national career monitoring survey is carried out annually.

Welcome Evenig 2023 panel discussion.

New BIZ Master's students met alumni in Welcome Evening

New Master's students of the School of Business made contact with working life in Welcome Evening through alumni.

Yhteiskuvassa Khanh Vu ja Junhui Wang seisomassa rinnakkain, taustalla valkoinen seinä. Junhui Wang nojaa kevyesti Khan Vuta vasten kädet tämän hartioilla.

'After the mentoring, I feel I have more courage and can do the things I actually want to'

A mentor and a mentee from Aalto Mentoring Program share their stories.

Students enjoying a complementary drink on a stand

Thousands of Aalto students and over a hundred representatives of different organisations meet

The next Aalto Talent Expo recruitment fair will take over Otahalli on 2 November 2023

Kandidaattikeskus, Otakaari 1

'The best thing was the relaxed atmosphere and versatile alumni' – students and alumni met at the Meet Your Community event

School of Business alumni from different majors talked about their career experiences and gave advice on choosing a major subject and finding employment in an event aimed at the first-year business students.

International Talent -työryhmä. Kuva: Tommi Vihervaara

Facilitating international students’ integration in the Finnish labor market through act early concept

International students can still face many challenges in acquiring a career start in Finland, but some of the problems can be solved.

korkeakouluharjoittelija Oona Saanio (Kauppis)

Oona Saanio was able to perform versatile assignments as a trainee at the School of Business External Relations

In particular, she helped Career Services in communications and marketing assignments

ARENA-messut Töölössä vuonna 2012

It all started with a company presentation

School of Business Career Services turns 30 this year.

Picture of Aalto Talent Expo fair in action

Aalto Talent Expo 2021 was organized successfully both live & virtually

”Combining the virtual world and physical fair is absolutely a positive thing, keep at it!"

- Student feedback from the Aalto Talent Expo fair

Opiskelijoita Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Roope Kiviranta

'It was insightful to hear alumni’s tips and their own experiences related to work and studies'

The Welcome Evening event of the School of Business, which has already become a tradition, gathered more than 150 new master's students and alumni of our School to network and discuss career paths, studies and working life.

Opiskelijoita Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Roope Kiviranta

The MSc degree in Business is appreciated in the labour market, say recent School of Business graduates

Responses to career monitoring surveys will also be carefully taken into account in the development of teaching.

Opiskelijoita rekrytointimessuilla

School of Business Career Services second-best in the Nordic region

Universum produces an annual careers report based on a student survey.


School of Business External Relations

Career Services is part of the School of Business External Relations unit. You can find more information about our services for companies, alumni and employers on the pages below.

Jaakko Honko lecture 6.6.2019, a question from the audience to the keynote speaker Risto Siilasmaa

Collaborate with us

We have a long tradition of co-operation with our alumni and the corporate world. We offer multiple forms of collaboration to our alumni, companies and other organizations as well as the public sector.

School of Business
Four people sitting on a bench outside a Building with large glass windows and a School of Business logo. People are laughing.

Services for employers at the School of Business

Through us you'll reach business students in various ways. We, for example, publish employers' job adverts, mediate recruitment messages and organize career events & fairs.

School of Business
Better Business - Better Society seminar in December 2019, School of Business alumni networking after the seminar

For School of Business alumni

The School of Business alumni community offers possibilities for lifewide learning, networking and contributing to our School's mission: Better Business - Better Society. Join our alumni community!

School of Business
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