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Services for employers at the School of Business

Through us you'll reach business students in various ways. We, for example, publish employers' job adverts, mediate recruitment messages and organize career events & fairs.
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We, at the School of Business Career Services, connect organisations and business students in various ways and channels. In addition to reaching out to the School of Business students, we work also closely with our colleagues at the Aalto University. We organise together various events such as the Summer Job Day and Aalto Talent Expo that combine the students from all fields at Aalto University.

Services to the Employers include: 

  1. mediating job and internship adverts (in Aalto JobTeaser, before Aalto CareerWeb),
  2. providing visibility through different kinds of events and marketing channels
  3. mediating thesis and project assignments and
  4. organizing several recruiting and career events 

Many opportunities for many needs

Below you'll find several articles on our employer services. If you need any help in choosing the right services, please be in touch!
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Aalto-yliopisto/Aino Huovio

Aalto JobTeaser- Recruit a student

We help employers recruit Aalto University students by publishing work and internship adverts as well as thesis and project assignments in Aalto JobTeaser.

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Employer visibility services at the School of Business

We offer marketing and event visibility services to employers at the School of Business

School of Business
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Internships - School of Business

Internships are an efficient channel for recruitment, through which employers get valuable work contribution and information on the education at Aalto University. By hiring an intern, your organisation will gain the latest industry views and fresh ideas.

School of Business
Aalto University students doing group work, sitting at a table with their laptops and notebooks / photo by Aalto University, Aino Huovio

Hire an international student from the Aalto University School of Business for an internship

Hire an international student from the Aalto University School of Business for an internship

School of Business
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Talent Expo

Aalto University’s contact and recruitment event brings together students and employers of arts, business, design and technology.

Summer Job Day 2019

Summer Job Day -event

In this event arts, design, tech and business students meet employers offering summer jobs during a virtual webinar.

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CV & LinkedIn Clinics

Career Services at the Aalto University School of Business organizes CV & LinkedIn Clinics mainly during the Career Fairs.

School of Business

If you wish to connect with the other School's students (School of Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering or School of Science), please read more about the services here: Aalto University Employer Services

I like that from JobTeaser I can find some jobs that I haven't seen anywhere else, such as LinkedIn, or other Finnish recruitment platforms

Aalto University School of Business student (Career Services Survey 2021)

Some interesting facts

  • At the time of graduation, 87 % of  School of Business  2018 graduates were already working and 15 % of them found their job through us.
  • School of Business students look for jobs primarily from organization's own website, social media and Aalto JobTeaser job portal.
  • ~60 % of School of Business students use Aalto JobTeaser job portal (note that the platform is still new and the number is increasing steadily at the onboarding phase)
  • We publish about 9 000 job and internship adverts annually to Aalto students in Aalto JobTeaser (number includes job ads from both Aalto University portal and Aarresaari).

Sources: Aalto University School of Business / the Finnish Business School Graduates survey at the time of graduation, Aalto JobTeaser statistics and Aalto University School of Business 1 year placement survey.

More information

See also

Jaakko Honko lecture 6.6.2019, a question from the audience to the keynote speaker Risto Siilasmaa

Collaborate with us

We have a long tradition of co-operation with our alumni and the corporate world. We offer multiple forms of collaboration to our alumni, companies and other organizations as well as the public sector.

School of Business
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School of Business Graduates in Working Life

Aalto University School of Business Career Services follows the career development and labor market situation of School of Business graduates.

School of Business
Opiskelijoita rekrytointimessuilla

School of Business Career Services second-best in the Nordic region

Universum produces an annual careers report based on a student survey.

Aalto University School of Business offers wide range of career services for our students

Career Services for School of Business students

Aalto University School of Business Career Services offer a wide range of services to our students.

School of Business
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