'The best thing was the relaxed atmosphere and versatile alumni' – students and alumni met at the Meet Your Community event

School of Business alumni from different majors talked about their career experiences and gave advice on choosing a major subject and finding employment in an event aimed at the first-year business students.
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Undergraduate Centre in Otaniemi.

The Meet Your Community event for the first-year business students – walruses – was organized for the ninth time as part of the ‘Opinnot haltuun’ course at the end of March. The goal of the event was to support the walruses' choice of major subject in this spring and to create a sense of community between students and alumni who graduated from the School. The event was organized for the first time as a live event in Otaniemi since 2019.

Business students are well employed from all major subjects

In the beginning, the students heard a presentation by Tanja Makkonen, Senior Manager of the School of Business Career Services, on the employment and placement of business graduates. ‘At the School of Business, we collect information about our students' placement in the working life both at the time of graduation, one year after graduation, and five years after graduation. The information received from the alumni is very valuable to the School, and it is used both for the development of teaching and to support the students' study and career planning, such as at the Meet Your Community event. Generally, business students are well employed from all major subjects,’ says Makkonen.

After the employment info presentation, Tanja Makkonen and Alumni Relations Manager Fiona Jokivuolle facilitated a discussion in which the alumni told the students about their working life experiences, why they chose a certain major, and how it has affected their employment, work assignments and career path. The students could also present questions through an app. The questions with the most votes were asked from alumni. The students’ questions were not the easiest ones – they asked, for example, about the average weekly working hours.

At the end of the event, the alumni and students had a chance to freely chat with each other in front of the Aalto Hall.

‘It's important to study what interests you’

One of the most important tips from alumni to students was to choose a major that really interests you and feels like your own. This also significantly increases study motivation. Alumni recommended looking at the course listings of different majors to support the choice.

However, the alumni emphasized that the choice of major does not determine your entire future. You can also get a job in another field that is not directly related to your major. 

Various things affect employment, and as examples, the alumni mentioned study course cases, internships during studies, part-time work, and student organization activities as things that can advance your employment. It is also good to remember that all kinds of work experience are useful, because the previous job always helps in getting the next job.

When the alumni were asked about important skills needed in working life, they highlighted the ability to summarize broad sets of information, ability to articulate one's own competence, technical skills needed at work, self-management, and social and teamwork skills. Giving presentations is also a part of almost any job these days. Therefore, the alumni recommended taking courses in public speaking and performing already during the studies.

The information received from the alumni is very valuable to the School, and it is used both for the development of teaching and to support the students' study and career planning, such as at the Meet Your Community event.

Tanja Makkonen, Senior Manager, School of Business Career Services

The students appreciated the relaxed atmosphere of the event

The students found the event very useful and gave good feedback. ‘The best thing about the event was that you could find alumni from every major,’ said one student. ‘Relaxed atmosphere and versatile alumni,’ mentioned another. ‘The best part of the event was the employment information and the tips for working life,’ said the third.

The alumni also gave great feedback on the event and its arrangements and were happy that their tips were helpful to the students. ‘Alumni's experiences and advice are very valuable. Dozens of School of Business alumni participate in supporting our students every year, both in career events and, for example, in Aalto University Mentoring Program. Many thanks to the alumni for their contribution and support!’ Fiona Jokivuolle rejoices.

Career events and sustainable career design

During the academic year, the School of Business and Aalto students have many opportunities to meet alumni at various events. See upcoming events on JobTeaser (login with Aalto credentials).

Aalto University Career Design Lab helps both students and alumni to design a meaningful and sustainable career based on the values of equality, sustainability, and well-being. 

School of Business alumni who participated in the Meet Your Community event:

Management and International Business

  • Ilona Peurala, HR Specialist, Manna & Co.
  • Laura Heinilä, Uudistamisen Senior Lead & Product Owner, OP Ryhmä


  • Aamer Hasu, Head of Marketing, Vainu
  • Katariina Ollari, Head of Social & Content, Bob the Robot

Information and Service Management

  • Esa Toikka, Data Engineer, Solita


  •  Teemu Riipi, Manager, Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG)


  • Elina Nummela, Associate Director, Nordea Investment Banking & Equities, Corporate Finance
  • Mikko Ilmonen, Senior Consultant, Spring Advisor


  • Arttu Toikka, Business Manager, Alten Finland

Business Law

  • Mira Hänninen, Contracts and Claims Specialist, Neste

More information:

Tanja Makkonen
Senior Manager, Career Services
[email protected]

Fiona Jokivuolle
Specialist, Alumni Relations
[email protected]

Career Services for School of Business students

Aalto University School of Business Career Services offer a wide range of services to our students.

Aalto University School of Business offers wide range of career services for our students

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Aalto University School of Business Career Services follows the career development and labor market situation of School of Business graduates.

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The School of Business alumni community offers possibilities for lifewide learning, networking and contributing to our School's mission: Better Business - Better Society. Join our alumni community!

Better Business - Better Society seminar in December 2019, School of Business alumni networking after the seminar

Share your experiences with the students

As the School of Business alumnus/alumna, you have the opportunity support our current students in their studies and transition to the working life through mentoring and career events, for example.

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Services for employers at the School of Business

Through us you'll reach business students in various ways. We, for example, publish employers' job adverts, mediate recruitment messages and organize career events & fairs.

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