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At the School of Business, we work for better business and a better society by educating future talents.
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Our School – Our Future

Aalto University School of Business is one of the leading business schools in Europe. We educate experts and leaders for the future and contribute to society through impactful research and long-term partnerships.

There is a strong demand for studies in business and economics in society and our goal is to grow substantially during the 2020s. With your donation, you can help us to continue offering high-quality education and conducting ambitious research for better business and a better society also in the future. 

The School of Business turned 110 years in 2021. Honoring its 110th anniversary, we launched a fundraising campaign to ensure that our School is as vibrant for the next 110 years as it is now. By growing and constantly developing our School, we wish to give our alumni a reason to be proud of their alma mater and their valuable degree also in the future. For more information, please read here.

Make a donation

There are currently three donation options in the School of Business, and they are: 

  • School of Business in general
  • School of Business International Student Exchange. Read more here.
  • School of Business Ownership teaching and research area. Read more here

Choose the donation option and sum of your preference: every donation counts! Your donation will be used entirely for the purpose you have chosen.

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Support the School of Business

Choose the amount of your gift and become a supporter of the School of Business

Support the School of Business International Student Exchange

Choose the amount of your gift and become a supporter of the School of Business
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Support the ownership research and teaching area

Choose the amount of your gift and become a supporter of the School of Business

In donations of 10 000 euros and more to the School of Business, please contact our Head of External Relations Jonna Söderholm ([email protected]) or our Donor Engagement Manager Helena Salminen ([email protected]). A deed of donation will be always drafted for donations of 10 000 euros or more. 

Read more about donor recognition (e.g. named seats and Donors' Wall) here. The online donations are monitored on a weekly basis, and we will contact all those eligible for the different forms of recognition.

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Kauppis 110 years

Educating business students already since 1911!

School of Business
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Make a donation

Join us in building the future and choose the donation option of your preference! Every donation is valuable for us.

School of Business
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Donation options

Become a supporter of the School of Business and choose the donation option of your preference! Read more about our donation options below.

School of Business
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Donor recognition

The School of Business offers their supporters different ways of being recognized in the new main building of the School in Otaniemi. Among them are a piece on the Donors’ Wall, a named seat and a piece on Major Donors’ Wall.

School of Business

Read donor stories and news about donations

Omistajuuden professuurin kiitostilaisuuden ryhmäkuva.
University Published:

A strong investment in the development of Finnish ownership

The donor appreciation event organized for the major donors of professorship in ownership celebrated the establishment of the professorship and recounted the stages of the unique project.
Lahjoittajien seinäteos /  Donors Wall at Aalto BIZ. Photo: Mikko Raskinen
Cooperation Published:

Former economics student Soila Höijer ended up in IT and enjoyed her work

‘I want to encourage girls to partake in the diverse IT sector’
Kovasen vesipullot auton istuinten käsinojine päässä
University Published:

‘Zero two hundred, six zero, six zero.’ Kovanen speaking.

CEO Eeva Kovanen has led a family business from personal transportation services into an investment company
School of business students sitting in front of the campus and laughing
Cooperation Published:

OP Financial Group donates 120 000 euros to Aalto University

The donation will be targeted to the field of business and economics.

Watch the Kauppis 110 video (with English subtitles)

In the video, Professor of Practice Pekka Mattila and alumna Elisa Liekkilä talk about their time at the School of Business and the networks created there, discuss the importance of donating and consider the future prospects of the School of Business.

Tax deduction opportunity

From the beginning of 2016 individuals have also been eligible for tax deductions on donations to universities or other higher education institutions in Finland. Donations between 850 euros and 500 000 euros per year are deductible and the total donation sum may consist of separate installments. Read more on Finnish Tax Administration's website: 

Donation deductions for individuals

For corporations donations between 850 euros and 250 000 euros per year are deductible, read more on Finnish Tax Administration's website: 

Donation deductions for businesses and corporations (in Finnish)

Fundraising permit

Aalto University has a fundraising permit granted by the National Police Board. The permit is valid throughout Finland, except for the Åland Islands. The number of the fundraising permit is RA/2020/1069.

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