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School of Business Graduates in Working Life

Our Master's graduates are highly successful in finding jobs corresponding to their education, receive a good salary and feel that they are doing meaningful work. On this page you'll find information about the placement and career development of our graduates.

2018 Master's graduate, please answer the career monitoring survey and give us feedback on your degree and share information about working life. You can receive the survey by email, mail or SMS. The career monitoring survey is open from 2 October to 11 December 2023. Warm thank you!
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Career monitoring surveys

Aalto University School of Business Career Services follows the labour market situation of our master's degree graduates one year after graduation and career development five years after graduation. 

Career monitoring is conducted as a part of a national survey on academic graduates with the Aarresaari Career Services network representing 13 Finnish universities. The national results of the career monitoring are publicly available on the OKM's Vipunen information service as a PowerBI report. You can also read the latest results of the School of Business career monitoring survey here.

The placement career survey one year after the graduation is our own survey for master's graduates, and most of the information on this page is based on data from this survey. The information on this page comes from our masters' who graduated in 2017 (career monitoring survey respondents) or 2021 (placement career survey respondents).

Graduate profile

Of all master's graduates in 2021 46% were female and 54 % male. Of the graduates 13% were international.

I find my work to be very meaningful as I work with current topics and big clients that have lots of impact on the society as a whole.

2021 School of Business master's graduate in career placement survey

Many graduates who responded to the placement survey a year after graduation said that their work is meaningful in many ways. For example, graduates say they have the opportunity to help people and customers, be involved in creating new technology to build a better society, be involved in optimising the logistics retail supply chain or even improve public services through various projects. Many of the respondents felt that when the work is meaningful for the company, environment and society, it gives meaning to their own work, too.

They are also very happy with their degree in the terms of employment. They would also recommend the studies and say that the employers value the degree. 

Graduate satisfaction with the degree

Of our students, 77% found employment before graduation

According to the placement survey, 77% of our students found employment before completing their studies.

One year after the graduation 99% of graduates were employed or were entrepreneurs and 1% had full-time doctorate studies. 

Working in Finland vs. abroad

Of the employed graduates, 92% found employment in Finland and 8% abroad. Of those who worked abroad, majority worked around Europe. 

Job titles

New graduates of Aalto University School of Business report working under more than a hundred different job titles. Above, you can see examples of some of the more common job titles.

Most graduates work at a large company

Majority of the graduates of Aalto University School of Business find employment in large (64%) and small & medium sized (23%) companies. Some of the graduates get employed by the state (3%) or university (3%). Of the graduates, 7% get employed by other entities (non-profit organisations, municipalities) or employ themselves. Some examples of our graduates' employers are shown below.

Our graduates' employers

Most popular industries and the salary

School of Business graduates get employed in a wide range of industries. The most popular industries include consultancy (28%), finance (13%) and IT & telecom (12%). 

You can find all of the industries after one year, and salaries one year and five years after the graduation below.

Most popular industries
Monthly gross salary

Social media is the most popular channel for job search

For our graduates, the most popular channels to find employment are social media (e.g. LinkedIn) (39%), job portals (e.g. Duunitori, Oikotie) (25%) and organizations' own websites (23%). However, graduates use many ways to find the employment.

Ways to find work
Skills needed at work

Most important skills in working life

The top ten skills the respondents need the most in their current job, according to results of the career monitoring survey conducted five years after graduation in 2022, are presented below in the order of the importance.

  1. ability to learn and adopt new things
  2. problem-solving skills
  3. self-direction / initiative
  4. analytical and systematic thinking skills
  5. co-operation skills
  6. organizational and coordination skills
  7. communication in English
  8. information retrieval skills
  9. stress tolerance
  10. project management skills

More information about the career surveys

Tanja Makkonen

Tanja Makkonen

Senior Manager, Career Services
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Aalto University graduates successfully employed

Nationwide career monitoring survey starts on 3rd of October. All 2017 master's graduates and 2019 doctoral graduates will be invited to participate in the survey.

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School of Business alumni stories

Here you can find School of Business alumni stories. Our alumni share their professional journeys and give advice and tips regarding working life. The stories have been sorted based on the alumni's majors. The newest publications are placed first in the major groups.

School of Business
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The MSc degree in Business is appreciated in the labour market, say recent School of Business graduates

Responses to career monitoring surveys will also be carefully taken into account in the development of teaching.

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Aalto University graduates in working life

Aalto University Career Services follows the career development and labor market situation of their alumni.

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