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Student feedback and surveys after graduation

Get to know the most important feedback surveys during your studies, at the time of graduation and after graduation, and how are they utilised at the Aalto University School of Business.

Listening to students' voices is an important part of developing teaching and education, as well as the development and quality assurance of learning-related services. The feedback collected is used in different ways and at different levels, and the School of Business pays particular attention to its use. By responding to the Bachelor’s Graduate Survey and Career Monitoring Survey, you will also contribute to the funding that the University receives.

During your studies, you will be asked for a wide range of feedback. On this page you will find the main types of student feedback collected at the School of Business, as well as information on what your feedback will be used for. You will also receive other surveys from service departments, such as the annual spring survey from the Career Services, which collects feedback on career services. The results are used to improve the services.

After your studies, the most important surveys are conducted 1) at the time of graduation, 2) 1 year after graduation, 3) 3 years after graduation (by Financial Times) and 4) 5 years after graduation.

Be sure to respond to each survey when you receive it. Your response is important!

Feedback surveys during studies

Feedback survey at the time of graduation

Answer the survey before collecting your certificate.

Feedback and career surveys after graduation

Why would you care about responding to surveys after you finish your studies? The quality of our School reflects the value of your degree in the long term.

You will receive the surveys to your email if you have a valid email address in the Aalto University alumni register. All Aalto University graduates are automatically alumni, but please make sure to keep your contact information up to date so that we can reach you in the future. You can update your contact information on the alumni's Update your contact information page.

You can also check out the School of Business alumni activities and join the School of Business alumni LinkedIn group, where you can network with other School of Business alumni.

In addition to the email, you can also receive the career monitoring survey by SMS or mail.

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