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Welcome to teach at Aalto University! This page is designed to support your onboarding path as a teacher. Here you can find information on Aalto University's teaching and learning culture, practices of teaching as well as developing as a teacher.
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Teacher onboarding path

This page gathers the must-knows of the Teacher onboarding into one place. Your personal onboarding path has been planned and organised by the Learning Services of your School. 

This page is designed specifically to serve onboarding. However, the content on this page holds relevance to all teachers.

In addition to the must-knows, each section of this page includes learning tasks, that guide you to learn more about the topic and provide inspiration and support for your further development as a teacher.

The intended learning outcomes for the Teacher onboarding

After Teacher onboarding path, you

  1. have acquainted yourself with teaching and learning culture at Aalto;
  2. have acquainted yourself with the teaching and learning environment and the teaching community of your school;
  3. are aware of the teaching related rules and regulations that need to be considered;
  4. are able to find more information and support for planning, implementing, assessing, and developing your teaching; and
  5. can identify and utilise opportunities for the further development as a teacher.

Learning tasks for this section 

Reflect a minute on your personal learning goals and development needs for the Teacher onboarding. 

  1. What are your expectations towards this onboarding?
  2. What kind of knowledge, skills, and support do you need to start teaching at Aalto?

Teaching and learning at Aalto University

In this section, we unveil the Aalto University's way of teaching and learning. As a new teacher, it is important to familiarise yourself with our values, code of conduct, strategy, and education-related plans. Learning Services and Wellbeing Desk are here to support you!

After this onboarding section, you

  • have acquainted yourself with teaching and learning culture at Aalto University.

Learning tasks for this section: 

  1. Complete the training modules for staff about Code of Conduct and values, on equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as on cyber security and data protection. These trainings are available for employees in Workday Learning.
  2. Get inspired and listen to your colleagues at Aalto reflecting their ideas about teaching and learning in Future-Led Learning podcasts. This podcast series strives to develop the learning culture at Aalto University and offers a platform to university educators to reflect their ideas about teaching and learning.
  3. Take a moment to reflect on your wellbeing and wellbeing of the students. What is the meaning of wellbeing for you as a teacher? Oasis for Radical Wellbeing provides material, tools, and learning material to support the wellbeing of our community – get acquainted with the Supporting wellbeing in teaching toolkit and see if you can pick up something new for your own personal teaching toolkit.

Teaching and learning at your school

At Aalto University, it is possible to study technology, engineering, arts, and business. Aalto University consists of six schools. In addition, Aalto Open University courses are open to everyone regardless of background or age.

 Information on teaching and learning in the schools, departments, and the other units of Aalto University is available on their webpages. 

After this onboarding section, you have acquainted yourself with the teaching and learning environment and the teaching community of your school.

Learning tasks for this section 

  1. Take a moment to browse through the main page of your School (aalto.fi, remember to log in).
  2. Can you find the strategic goals and initiatives of your own school? Reflect on which goal is the most meaningful for you in your teaching.

How to get started with teaching?

In this section, we have curated resources designed to help you to get started with teaching at Aalto University. Take your time to study about the programme and curriculum development; the rules and practicalities of teaching; pedagogical considerations that are to be recognised; and how to engage with digital teaching.

After this onboarding section, you 

  • are aware of the teaching related rules and regulations that need to be considered; and 
  • are able to find more information and support for planning, implementing, assessing, and developing your teaching.

Learning tasks for this section 

  1. Orientate yourself with your upcoming teaching. Go through the steps that have been listed in the teaching practices during a lifespan of a course . Is there something that you need to know more about? Can you find the support services to help you with the matters that are unclear?
  2. If you would like to know more about the programme-level development and educational leadership at Aalto University, you can get acquainted with the Programme director's onboarding: Independent study material in Workday Learning: Introduction to degree programme director onboarding | Oppiminen - Workday (myworkday.com)
  3. Familiarise your self with the digital learning environment MyCourses and, if needed, register for trainings designed to support digital teaching.

How to develop as a teacher?

In this concluding section, we delve into strategies for your professional development as a teacher at Aalto University. We offer a diverse array of support for enhancing your teaching competence. Concurrently, the recognition of teaching competence and personal development along the teaching career path is supported by teaching competence assessments.

After this onboarding section, you 

  • can identify opportunities for further development as a teacher. 

Learning tasks for this section 

  1. Get acquainted with the following teaching competence assessment -documents:  
    Teaching competence assessment_Guidelines_for_candidate_2020_Aalto University[1].pdf
    Teaching_competence_guidelines_for_committee_FINAL_0.pdf (aalto.fi)
  2. Is there something you wish to know more about? Write down your questions either for your supervisor or pedagogical specialist to be discussed in your following onboarding sessions.
  3. Reflect and assess your teaching competence in relation to the assessment matrix. Can you identify your strengths and areas of development? 
  4. Based on your reflections, make yourself a development plan: pedagogical courses that you could participate in, independent study materials that you could look into etc. You can use the template provided in making your plan.

Onboarding guide for new employee

Orientation and onboarding info with links to relevant information for new Aalto employees.

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Teaching and learning

A landing page for teachers to help them find services and support related to teaching and learning.

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Teacher’s Handbook

This handbook contains practical information for a teacher on teaching at Aalto University.

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