Teacher’s Handbook

Rules, regulations, and guidelines concerning teaching

From this page you can find the rules and regulations which teacher must consider when planning and implementing teaching at Aalto University.
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Rules and regulations concerning university teaching in Finland and EU

Certain policies and regulations provide a framework for the university’s teaching activities. 

Rules, regulations and guidelines concerning teaching at Aalto University

Key points for the teacher about teaching arrangements and evaluation of study attainments at Aalto University

From below you can find some main things for the teacher to consider about teaching arrangements. It is however important to get acquainted with all the regulations concerning teaching listed above. 


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Teacher onboarding

Welcome to teach at Aalto University! This page is designed to support your onboarding path as a teacher. Here you can find information on Aalto University's teaching and learning culture, practices of teaching as well as developing as a teacher.

Teacher’s Handbook
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Teacher’s Handbook

This handbook contains practical information for a teacher on teaching at Aalto University.

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