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Pedagogical principles for teaching at Aalto University

On this page, you can find the main pedagogical principles for teaching at Aalto University.
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Intended learning outcomes and competence-based approach

What is competence-based education and what does it mean in terms of planning teaching?

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Agreeing guidelines for inclusive interaction in course

Inclusive teaching practices are inseparable from high quality teaching practices, so inclusive teaching affects all aspects of a course and learning experience.  

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Learning assessment at Aalto University

Assessment for learning at Aalto University is a carefully planned pedagogical process which aims to support learning instead of merely measuring it.

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The principles of feedback in education and student feedback in Aalto University

In Aalto, feedback is collected from students during different phases of their studies. Hearing the voice of students is vital for the development of teaching and training as well as for quality assurance and for improving study-related services. Feedback is used on multiple levels in many ways and its utilisation is a special area of focus in Aalto. Student guilds and organisations are also interested in and benefit from feedback and surveys.


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Curriculum development

The aim of curriculum design is a programme that helps students acquire the competence they will need in their field in the future and to acquire it within the target time frame. In this page, we have described the stages of curriculum development and instructions for each stage. You can find also tools and working templates to carry out each stage.

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Teaching practices

A checklist for teaching practices and steps that need to be taking over the entire lifespan of a course.

Teacher’s Handbook

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