Unite! opportunities for faculty and staff

On this page we have listed different ways teachers, researchers and staff can benefit from and get involved with Unite! alliance from different channels for collaboration to staff weeks. We invite you to meet Unite! colleagues from other universities to share practices and learn from each other.
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Unite! alliance consists of 9 technological universities across Europe, and offers multiple opportunities for collaboration and innovation for Aalto staff.

Unite! for teachers

Here you will find all international collaboration opportunities for teachers, as well as types of support available from Aalto and Unite!. On this page you will find information about about Unite! as a matchmaking platform for academics and international projects, funding instruments and process examples of the different collaboration opportunities and the related local contacts.

Unite! for researchers

Unite! supports especially early career researchers in building European collaboration and networks. 

Training catalogue and staff weeks

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Training Catalogue for Faculty & Staff in Unite! Universities (external link)

On this page you can find the upcoming trainings for faculty and staff offered by Unite! universities.

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Yoonjoo Cho

Testimonial from Yoonjoo Cho, Teacher from the Aalto University Language Centre 

Being part of the Unite! community has given me extra perspectives and insights into online teaching and learning. Especially, the development and delivery of an online Unite! course was an interesting process for me as it allowed me to research and teach effective communication in virtual teamwork, which is an integral part of various workplaces in the 21st century. Having Unite! students in the course was also beneficial for Aalto students as they were able to share many interesting viewpoints and experiences, which enabled them to learn from each other’s different perspectives.

Sushant Rajpassi
Sushant Rajpassi

Testimonial from Sushant Rajpassi, Lecturer from the Aalto University Design Factory

The 2023 Unite Summer School was a transformative three-week experience where I had the pleasure of teaching a diverse cohort of students from various backgrounds in the realms of Product Development, Futuring, and Extended Reality. Guiding these students was a truly enriching experience, as I adapted my methods to their different backgrounds and was, in turn, inspired by their fresh perspectives, open-mindedness and initiative to learn by doing. Through our journey from concept to solutions, the students became equipped with new technological tools, showcasing their growing skills through visualizations and prototypes.

At Aalto Design Factory, we delved into collaborative innovation, and the Aalto + Unite community played a crucial role, offering a supportive network that enhanced our teaching and learning. Sharing expertise with fellow faculty members proved invaluable, helping to refine and enrich the curriculum. This teaching experience was not just enjoyable but an educational evolution for me, thanks to this platform's supportive and dynamic ecosystem of educators and practitioners.


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Call for proposals: Unite! Seed Fund to foster collaborative teaching

This call is for setting up joint/collaborative teaching formats in Unite! focus areas. Apply by end of August 2024.
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Unite! Seed Fund 2024 awards funding to 13 applications with Aalto's involvement

The Unite! Seed Fund aims to stimulate and support bottom-up proposals by teachers, researchers and students for collaborative activities.
Focus group discussion of conceptualising Aalto-level Game Changer competences
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Improve your teaching methods for joint programmes

Led by experts in the field, this course is your starting point for unlocking the full potential of collaborative teaching and learning.
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Open Educational Resources MOOC for teachers and students

Understand how to use materials with open licences in a copyright-compliant manner.


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