Tax card and personal data

Personal information

The personal information needed for payment of salary is inserted in the Workday-system. 

Changes in personal data

Employee can update the Finnish bank account number (Aalto network or VPN connection required), home address, private telephone number as well as e-mail address via Workday system. We kindly advice employees also to save their emergency contact information via Workday in case of emergency (ICE contact).

Tax card

The tax card must be submitted to payroll unit either electronically or on paper. If no tax card is delivered to the payroll prior to the payday, a tax of 60% will be withheld.

Employees can increase their tax rate by informing the department’s payroll unit in writing or by e-mail. Decreasing tax rate or altering the salary limits stated on the tax card, cannot, however, be changed without requesting a new tax card from the Finnish Tax Administration.

Further info

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