Corporate collaboration

Teaching collaboration

Teaching collaboration offers companies visibility among students and the opportunity to reach the future game-changers at an early stage. For the university, company involvement in teaching and real-life case-work raises the significance of learning and the motivation of the students. The range of teaching collaboration spans from guest lectures or real-life cases included in a course contents to multidisciplinary semester-long study projects and thesis assignments.

Study Projects

Project collaboration offers an opportunity to

  • have student groups work on real-life cases and come up with unexpected concepts and new insights
  • benefit from the up-to-date academic know-how and innovative ways of applying it to real business challenges
  • work with future professionals and potential employees and facilitate the development of their work-life skills

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Thesis assignments

Master’s level thesis is an opportunity for an academic student to use the knowledge gained through studies in resolving specific issues, e.g. in design, development or research initiatives.

By offering thesis assignments, companies can

  • assign a student to focus on a particular challenge for a fixed period
  • integrate industry or business practice with the theory and latest practices
  • receive outcomes that are of practical relevance to them

A designated academic supervisor at Aalto University is responsible for ensuring that the project fulfils academic requirements. Different funding models are available.


Guest lectures and case work

Guest lectures and case works are necessary in reinforcing the work life skills of our students. By conducting lectures at the university companies gain visibility among students, means to receive direct feedback from the students and the opportunity to meet the future game-changers at an early stage.

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Corporate Relations

Visibility through sponsored lecture halls

Visibility at the campus achieved with a sponsored lecture hall and active participation in student events create a positive image of a company as an employer.

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A picture of the Meyer shipyard on the wall of a company-sponsored lecture hall.

Examples of teaching collaboration

Seminaari Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Roope Kiviranta

Project team identified business opportunities for Finnish companies in the energy sector in Portugal

The Portuguese energy market presents both short-term and long-term opportunities across various sectors

Aallon opiskelijoita ICT-Electronics laboratoriossa.

Aalto University students combine an open microprocessor with an AI accelerator

In the recent past, Aalto students implemented a simple processor. Now, they have further refined its structure and combined it with an AI accelerator.

Two photos from last year's AEP Gala event

Advanced Energy Project Course Gala 2022

Students from the course report on their company-driven projects to tackle energy challenges.

Aalto Networking Platform
Räätälöity projekti Hiltille, työryhmä
Finavia-projektin työryhmä, Aalto BIZ

Students helped Finavia to analyze the terminal logistics at Helsinki Airport

The unexpectedly rapid recovery of air travel has caused capacity issues

Communications Engineering students

Aalto's students' project work utilises LEDs and smartphones for indoor navigation

Project supervisor Alexis Dowhuszko thinks that the project covered all the phases needed to create a start-up


Want to read more about earlier study projects?

Here you can find more news about various real-life challenges Aalto students have worked on with companies and other organisations.

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Unite! intercultural students working in a group around a laptop
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