Corporate collaboration

Teaching collaboration

Teaching collaboration offers companies visibility among students and the opportunity to reach the future game-changers at an early stage. For the university, company involvement in teaching and real-life case-work raises the significance of learning and the motivation of the students. The range of teaching collaboration spans from guest lectures or real-life cases included in a course contents to multidisciplinary semester-long study projects and thesis assignments.

Study Projects

Project collaboration offers an opportunity to

  • have student groups work on real-life cases and come up with unexpected concepts and new insights
  • benefit from the up-to-date academic know-how and innovative ways of applying it to real business challenges
  • work with future professionals and potential employees and facilitate the development of their work-life skills

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Thesis assignments

Master’s level thesis is an opportunity for an academic student to use the knowledge gained through studies in resolving specific issues, e.g. in design, development or research initiatives.

By offering thesis assignments, companies can

  • assign a student to focus on a particular challenge for a fixed period
  • integrate industry or business practice with the theory and latest practices
  • receive outcomes that are of practical relevance to them

A designated academic supervisor at Aalto University is responsible for ensuring that the project fulfils academic requirements. Different funding models are available.


Guest lectures and case work

Guest lectures and case works are necessary in reinforcing the work life skills of our students. By conducting lectures at the university companies gain visibility among students, means to receive direct feedback from the students and the opportunity to meet the future game-changers at an early stage.

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Corporate Relations

Examples of teaching collaboration

Picture from PdP Gala

Back to the future products

The 25th anniversary gala of the PDP course took place on the 13th of May at Design Factory. Many interesting future products such as electric wooden boat, extremely precise factory crane and edible packing material were presented at the Gala.

PatternLab2022-kurssi myi ennätykselliset 92 kuosia

PatternLab set an all-time sales record

The pattern design project's latest sales mark the highest sales record in history. The course with a strong brand will also be renewed.

Laskentatoimen opiskelijat Jake Jyväsjärvi ja Altti Laitinen

Students investigated importance of recurring revenue streams in Alma Media's financial reporting

As a result, they produced a report on Recurring Revenue and Company Valuation


KONE and Aalto University’s teaching collaboration approaches design as a method, way of thinking and competitive advantage

A key component of the collaboration is study projects, in which student teams work to solve companies’ real-life challenges.

Laskentatoimen Capstone-ryhmä, case: Ponsse

A group developing Ponsse’s CSR reporting excelled in the Accounting Capstone course

Various inspiring and challenging business projects were solved in the autumn 2021 course.

NWB Finland packaging

Collaboration with Aalto University VCD students brings fresh ideas to NWB Finland

Aalto VCD students will develop and design visual packaging and branding concepts for NWB Finland to be implemented in new packaging formats for stillwater.

Opiskelijoita Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Capstone course develops extremely well students’ working life skills

Collaboration between consulting companies and the School of Business was again highly successful.

Diplomin saaneet opiskelijat ja Konecranesin Ari Bertula.

Product design course focusing on the challenges of the crane industry – corporate cooperation bearing fruit

Aalto University students look for solutions to challenges faced by Konecranes.

ITP brings together students from various fields of study to solve digital business challenges of ITP business partners. Photo: Petri Anttila

ITP 2021 was successfully completed with 17 projects and creative solutions to business challenges

Information Technology Program (ITP) was organized for the 26th time this year. Multidisciplinary and international student teams successfully completed altogether 17 business projects.

Aalto Factory of the Future. Kuva: Mikko Raskinen / Aalto-yliopisto

Aalto University receives 1 million euros for software-centric industrial automation program

Schneider Electric donation of industrial automation technology, software licenses, and teaching support is to answer for growing need for automation expertise.

Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulun rehtori Pertti Puusaari ja vararehtori Heidi Ahokallio-Leppälä avasivat 5G Mökki -verkoston lanseeraustilaisuuden (kuva Lotta Valanne)

5G Mökki is changing the world

5G Mökki is a new kind of learning environment that promotes the learning and application of 5G technology and other new technologies.

Räätälöity opiskelijoiden yritysprojekti PwC:lle, työryhmä

Students reported for PwC on the impacts of new EU legislation on Finnish platform companies

A project commissioned by PwC examined the impact of regulations on the business models of platform economy operators and their capabilities to use data.

Iloinen nainen ja tabletti. Kuva: Kalle Kataila

Students discovered potential new business models for S Group’s online grocery business

The suggested business models can be applied to the online grocery store operations, says Chief Digital Officer, Retail eCommerce, of SOK.

Kauppiksen opiskelijat Jani Ignatius ja Kalle Ahola Kauppakorkeakoulun edessä
Project Sipoo

Three perspectives to service design: students researched the municipality of Sipoo’s employment services

Three Master's students from the School of Science, School of Arts and Design and School of Business took part in the Aalto Thesis collaboration project with the municipality of Sipoo.

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