Visibility through sponsored lecture halls

A sponsored lecture hall branded in a suitable and elegant manner is a concrete and memorable way to show a company’s employer brand at the campus and gain visibility among potential future employees, as well as among university personnel and visitors.
A picture of the Meyer shipyard on the wall of a company-sponsored lecture hall.
Lecture hall sponsored by Meyer Turku Oy

 Moreover, a sponsored lecture hall is an easy way to support students and the university by contributing towards functional and comfortable teaching premises.

The selected hall is named after the sponsor company and the annual sponsor fee includes the right to use the hall for sponsor company’s own purposes twice a year. This could include e.g. company-specific recruitment events for students or workshops with researchers.

Tim Meyer ja Ilkka Niemelä avasivat Meyer-salin 9.9.2022

The success of Meyer Turku Oy is based on world-class know-how. The picture on the wall reminds of the results of studies in working life.

Tim Meyer, CEO, Meyer Turku Oy

A suitable location for reaching students in a relevant field can be defined together with Aalto Corporate Relations team. Some things to consider include:

  • What is the group of student that should be reached and thus a suitable location at the campus
  • What is the message you want to send to students with the branding

Note that branding always needs to be compatible with the architecture of the building in question. Our specialists will provide more details and instructions when needed.

Contact us at Aalto Corporate Relations

Some sponsored lecture halls in Otaniemi

Tim Meyer ja Ilkka Niemelä avasivat Meyer-salin 9.9.2022

Meyer Turku inaugurates sponsored lecture hall in Otaniemi

The Meyer Turku lecture hall is the first sponsored lecture hall on the premises of the School of Engineering.

Kauppakorkeakoulun tuoreen Premium Partnerin Finavian nimikkosalin avajaiset 29. huhtikuuta. Tarjolla vapun kunniaksi simaa ja munkkeja.
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