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Talent Expo

Aalto University’s contact and recruitment event brings together students and employers of arts, business, design and technology.

Aalto Talent Expo will be organized as a virtual event - live event hybrid in November 2021.

Information for exhibitors will be updated here soon: https://www.aalto.fi/en/talent-expo/for-employers.

The event is a great opportunity for employers to meet and recruit talented Aalto University students as well as to build positive employer image among our students. The students of Aalto University on the other hand have the opportunity to meet their future employers as well as showcase their know-how and expertise.

Aalto Talent Expo 2019 illustration. Red background. Designer Babi Brasileiro.

Aalto Talent Expo 2019

Check out the feedback and photos from Aalto Talent Expo 2019!

Talent Expo
Students of Aalto University talking to a company representative at ARENA 2018 Career Fair / Photographer Rasmus Karppinen.

For employers

Come and meet the talented students of Aalto University and build your employer image among them.

Talent Expo
Students of Aalto University at ARENA 2018 Career Fair. / Photographer Rasmus Karppinen.

For students

Come and meet employers in the fields of arts, business, design and technology!

Talent Expo
Illustration, red shape on a yellow background. / Graphic designer Babi Brasileiro.

Expo program

Aalto Talent Expo will be organized 11th of November 2021.

Talent Expo
Aalto Talent Expo Online

Aalto Talent Expo Online 12-14.1.2021

Aalto Talent Expo Online recruitment and contact fair is organised on 12-14.1.2021.



Aalto Talent Expo team

Expo team

Ville Hakulinen

Fair coordinator
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