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Here you can find more news about various real-life challenges Aalto students have worked on with companies and other organisations.

Study projects provide organisations with innovative solutions and also gives them a chance to get in touch with future experts, as well as gain visibility among the soon-to-be graduates, from the fields of science, art, technology and business.
School of Business alumna Aigerim Nukekova in the forest.

Alumna Aigerim Nukenova: Student Business Project was a valuable and beneficial experience for me

Our alumna Aigerim Nukenova studied in the Information and Service Management master’s programme, and now works as a Data Analyst at Fixably. In her free time, she enjoys swimming and sauna, and jogging in nature.



Yritysprojektitiimi, Deloitte

Student project helped Deloitte capture ESG performance in company valuation

The final model developed by the students concentrated on the risk and opportunity analysis of sustainability-related topics  

OP-FIDA-yritysprojekti, Kauppakorkeakoulu

Excellent cooperation to find opportunities for the FIDA regulation for OP Financial Group

Aalto University School of Business collaborated with OP Financial Group in a student project on exploring EU FIDA regulation opportunities

KPMG:n räätälöity projekti, tiimi koolla

Student project analyzed KPMG’s position in the rapidly growing Finnish consulting market

The study revealed that the consulting market has experienced exceptional growth over the past 5 years, with technology consulting leading the growth and making up most of the market

Räätälöity opiskelijaprojekti Hiltille, projektiryhmä päätöstapaamisessa

Students helped Hilti understand the financial decision-making of its customers

Hilti (Suomi) Oy and the School of Business joined forces to study the economic impact of Hilti's tool service and to improve the sales process of the service with the financial management of the client companies.

A visual AI-generated sketch for urban development in Battersea district in London

Architecture students use AI to design social innovations for London

The project combined qualitative evolutionary design and visual generative artificial intelligence, for the first time.

Räätälöity opiskelijaprojekti PwC:lle

Students helped PwC respond to increasing competition in Tax and Legal Services market

PwC Finland utilises the results of the study in its own strategy work

K-ryhmälle tehty projekti, Kauppakorkeakoulu

Students analysed the demand for K Group’s wellbeing services in three international markets

Customized student business project explored demand for K Group’s digital services related to wellbeing by analyzing market trends and consumer behavior

ABB Ability. ABB:n kuvapankki.

Outcome-based business models are an opportunity for growth at ABB

Student team explored the ins and outs of outcome-based models

Design Project Gala 2023

Chemical engineering design project brings mutual benefit to companies and students

The Design project in chemical engineering lets groups of students draft a preliminary implementation plan on topics offered by companies collaborating in the course.



Sininen Pallo event in Dipoli (Otaniemi, Espoo) on November 30th. Event host was Noora Yau, a doctoral candidate from the Aalto University School of Arts and Design. Picture: Sofia Suokko.
Euroclear-tiimi Kauppakorkeakoulun opiskelijaprojektissa

Students helped Finland’s Central Securities Depository to research and combine fund industry information

The team learned a lot about the fund industry and the role of the central securities depository

KPMG:lle tehdyn yritysprojektin tiimi

Students carried out a project on workload distribution and profit optimization

School of Business and KPMG collaborated to transform traditional auditing practices

PwC:lle tehdyn opiskelijaprojektin projektitiimi

How do companies handle EU’s new sustainability regulations?

Two School of Business students examined Nordic firms for PwC Finland

Henkilö makaa lattialla pää betonista tehdyn kuvun sisällä, kuvussa on lukuisia johtoja

Education collaboration generates new ideas for using design

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture has a long tradition of working together with companies to solve challenges of many kind. Last spring, design students designed concrete speaker models for audio equipment manufacturer Genelec.


Student project gave insight to Konecranes about young employee experience

The students found out that young employees have high preferences for continuous learning and development opportunities at work

Opiskelijoiden yritysprojektin tiimi, IKEA Oy

Student team developed the retention of IKEA Oy’s employees

‘We wanted to gain a better understanding of why employees leave this job.’

Group of people standing on stairs

Usability is a critical factor in IT systems – Aalto students and companies collaborate for better digitalisation

Aalto University students and teachers joined forces with partner companies during a course which teaches evaluating the usability and user experiences of digital systems

Alma Median projektitiimi, Aalto BIZ

Sustainability is an important part of digital housing services

In a business project for Alma Media, students mapped out digital housing services from the perspective of sustainable development

Ilmatieteen laitoksen projektitiimi

Students helped the Finnish Meteorological Institute develop its sustainability work

The content and working methods of the project could also be adapted agilely during the project according to newly identified needs

EY Legal -projektitiimi

A student team surveyed opportunities for a new operating model in EY legal services

The goal of the project was to observe the potential of new operating models in the legal services sector that has remained the same for a long time

Students at the HealthTech Linkage course 2023

Students took a deep-dive into innovation and entrepreneurship in the health industry

The HealthTech Linkage course connects students from diverse backgrounds with professionals from every corner of the healthtech industry

Joukko opiskelijoita kesäisissä asuissa metallisen tornin edessä ja ympärillä

PatternLab course's outcomes in Prisma stores

The collaboration has enabled students to have experience in building a commercial range and also strengthened Finnish design in Prisma's own brands.

Opiskelijaprojekti K-Autolle

Even better service for people who bought a used car from K-Auto

The goal of the student project was to reach new customer groups and develop the customer orientation

Katri Kaupin CAPSTONE-kurssin loppuesitykset

In the supply chain management CAPSTONE course students worked on future challenges

Students were able to solve real-life challenges, receiving support from the professor and company representatives

OP:lle tehdyn räätälöidyn opiskelijaprojektin ryhmä

The students’ research work gave Pohjola Insurance and OP Life Assurance companies an important overall insight to sustainable insurance business

Customers and investors are expecting insurers to undertake sustainability actions in all the business activities

Seminaari Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Roope Kiviranta

Project team identified business opportunities for Finnish companies in the energy sector in Portugal

The Portuguese energy market presents both short-term and long-term opportunities across various sectors

Aallon opiskelijoita ICT-Electronics laboratoriossa.

Aalto University students combine an open microprocessor with an AI accelerator

In the recent past, Aalto students implemented a simple processor. Now, they have further refined its structure and combined it with an AI accelerator.



Advanced Energy Project course gala 2022

Advanced Energy Project Course Gala 2022

Students from the course report on their company-driven projects to tackle energy challenges.

Aalto Networking Platform
Räätälöity projekti Hiltille, työryhmä
A photo of ITP students

ITP 2022 produces 9 creative solutions to partners' challenges

Information Technology Program (ITP) was organized for the 27th time this year. Multidisciplinary and international student teams successfully completed altogether 9 business projects.

Aalto University
Finavia-projektin työryhmä, Aalto BIZ

Students helped Finavia to analyze the terminal logistics at Helsinki Airport

The unexpectedly rapid recovery of air travel has caused capacity issues

Communications Engineering students

Aalto's students' project work utilises LEDs and smartphones for indoor navigation

Project supervisor Alexis Dowhuszko thinks that the project covered all the phases needed to create a start-up

Räätälöity opiskelijaprojekti Pohjola Vakuutukselle_projektitiimi

A student duo helped Pohjola Insurance map the preconditions for a digital insurance sales channel

The study focused on the needs of small business customers, for which the students sought fluid solutions from around the world.

Picture from PdP Gala

Back to the future products

The 25th anniversary gala of the PDP course took place on the 13th of May at Design Factory. Many interesting future products such as electric wooden boat, extremely precise factory crane and edible packing material were presented at the Gala.

Nainen ja mies huoltavat Konecranesin nosturia. Lähde: Konecranesin kuvapankki

School of Business students took on the recruitment challenges at Konecranes

‘Project results will be used to build, sharpen, and target our ongoing and future recruitment campaigns for technicians’

Hiltin projektitiimi

Two students helped Hilti Finland attract fresh Aalto graduates

A students’ perspective on recruitment marketing sets the bar high for future collaboration.

PatternLab2022-kurssi myi ennätykselliset 92 kuosia

PatternLab set an all-time sales record

The pattern design project's latest sales mark the highest sales record in history. The course with a strong brand will also be renewed.

Kuvituskuva: Designs For A Cooler Planet exhibition 2021. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Mikko Raskinen

Student analysed real estate financing markets

The project aimed to identify future trends

Laskentatoimen opiskelijat Jake Jyväsjärvi ja Altti Laitinen

Students investigated importance of recurring revenue streams in Alma Media's financial reporting

As a result, they produced a report on Recurring Revenue and Company Valuation

opiskelija ja professori, Kauppakorkeakoulu. Kuva: Roope Kiviranta

Students developed a strategy implementation tool for NGO Startup Refugees

School of Business students also perform project work for non-commercial organisations

Kauppiksen opiskelijat ja Frank Martela

All the employees at Posti to see themselves as participants in the company’s story

Two students at the School of Business examined how early deliverers experience participation in the new strategy of Posti


KONE and Aalto University’s teaching collaboration approaches design as a method, way of thinking and competitive advantage

A key component of the collaboration is study projects, in which student teams work to solve companies’ real-life challenges.

Laskentatoimen Capstone-ryhmä, case: Ponsse

A group developing Ponsse’s CSR reporting excelled in the Accounting Capstone course

Various inspiring and challenging business projects were solved in the autumn 2021 course.

NWB Finland packaging

Collaboration with Aalto University VCD students brings fresh ideas to NWB Finland

Aalto VCD students will develop and design visual packaging and branding concepts for NWB Finland to be implemented in new packaging formats for stillwater.



Opiskelijoita Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Capstone course develops extremely well students’ working life skills

Collaboration between consulting companies and the School of Business was again highly successful.

Diplomin saaneet opiskelijat ja Konecranesin Ari Bertula.

Product design course focusing on the challenges of the crane industry – corporate cooperation bearing fruit

Aalto University students look for solutions to challenges faced by Konecranes.

ITP brings together students from various fields of study to solve digital business challenges of ITP business partners. Photo: Petri Anttila

ITP 2021 was successfully completed with 17 projects and creative solutions to business challenges

Information Technology Program (ITP) was organized for the 26th time this year. Multidisciplinary and international student teams successfully completed altogether 17 business projects.

Professor Leonard Wantchekon, Mr Boris Ngala, Mr Lars Ling (moderator) and Professor Marko Nieminen

5G Mokki network can have a huge impact on global businesses

As part of Aalto University’s 5G Summer School, the experts from the U.S, Africa and Europe discussed the business opportunities that the latest communications and network technology, remote learning, work and entrepreneurship from Africa can bring to U.S. companies

Räätälöity opiskelijoiden yritysprojekti PwC:lle, työryhmä

Students reported for PwC on the impacts of new EU legislation on Finnish platform companies

A project commissioned by PwC examined the impact of regulations on the business models of platform economy operators and their capabilities to use data.

Opiskelijaprojekti. Kuva: EY Panthenonin kuvapankki

Student project examines EY-Parthenon brand promotion work among students

The students used methods of brand research to illuminate how the EY-Parthenon brand looks in the eyes of students and how the company should communicate with students in the future.

Iloinen nainen ja tabletti. Kuva: Kalle Kataila

Students discovered potential new business models for S Group’s online grocery business

The suggested business models can be applied to the online grocery store operations, says Chief Digital Officer, Retail eCommerce, of SOK.

Kauppiksen opiskelijat Jani Ignatius ja Kalle Ahola Kauppakorkeakoulun edessä
cucumbers on a plate covered with biobased liquid

No more plastic wrap? Students create novel biobased packaging for cucumbers

A dip in the biobased liquid gives cucumbers a protective film. Innovative idea will be presented in the international BioDesign Challenge competition.

Kaksi naista K-ryhmän kaupan hevi-osastolla.

Students studied the motivation behind the purchase of affordable food products

‘The students could set up a two-person consultancy firm right away.’

Kuvataideopiskelijoiden ikkunainstallaatio oli esillä Amos Rex -museossa osana Egyptin varjo -opintoprojektia.

Study project draws out the background of Amos Rex's popular Egypt exhibition

Shadow of Egypt, a study project by students in art education ran alongside the Egypt of Glory exhibition.

Emotion Itäkeskus

Students developed a product portfolio optimization tool for SOK

According to the Sales Director of SOK, the outcomes of the project are significant for the company.

Project Sipoo

Three perspectives to service design: students researched the municipality of Sipoo’s employment services

Three Master's students from the School of Science, School of Arts and Design and School of Business took part in the Aalto Thesis collaboration project with the municipality of Sipoo.

Postin lehdistökuva. Kuvan laitteet eivät liity opiskelijaprojektin uutiseen.

Students carried out mobile device user survey for Posti’s parcel drivers

The project also included investigation on how the digitalization of the working environment affects the employee experience of the drivers.

Two lab-coated women in a laboratory looking at pipes.

Chemistry and business students developed plant-based products with Valio

A team of two Master’s students collaborated with Valio in a 6-month Aalto Thesis project.

Projektitiimi Suomalaisen Työn Liitolle

A student team studied young people’s consumption, Finnishness and work

The project carried out for the Association for Finnish Work provided the student team with a versatile learning experience.

ABC-autopesu, opiskelijaprojekti S-ryhmälle

Students researched comprehensively the car wash business

Based on the project, S Group will continue to analyse its car wash markets.

Riia-Leena Wallin sitting on a chair and laughing while being filmed on camera.

Student team utilises participatory framework to develop sustainable renewal in cities

The City of Espoo was a partner in Aalto Thesis project. A team of two Master's students solved a challenge of a changing city in Espoo through their Master's theses.

Räätälöidyn opiskelijoiden yritysprojektin ryhmä, Case Alma Media

Students examined leadership at Alma Media

The project also surveyed employees' dedication to their work and emotional commitment to the organisation.

Kuva: Naisten Linja.

Aalto students help develop digital services for women’s charities and family support groups

Student projects included a website for advice on long-distance relationships for Väestöliitto and an Instagram campaign aimed at recruiting members for the Women's Line.

Photo: Unto Rautio

Aalto students helped Nokia evaluate its virtual expert network and artificial intelligence projects

In the Designing Adaptive and Creative Organizations course, the students also worked together with Wärtsilä, Osuuspankki, Tieto and Fortum.

Sähköauton lataustolppa. Kuva: Helen Oy:n kuvapankki

Students researched the electric vehicle charging market for Helen

The company also got ideas for business models and an analysis on how COVID-19 affects the market.

Pinta 1 -työssä veneen sisätilaratkaisut ovat avarat ja vaaleat.

Students designed spatial solutions for the new electric boat for Skand

Working on the first, already implemented prototype, young designers were able to outline the real space and proportions of the boat.

Helsinki Airport and the traffic control tower at night. Photo: Finavia Image bank

Students helped Finavia expand its knowledge on marketing in Russia

Two students collected, analysed and summarised the special features of marketing practices in Russia.

Opiskelijoiden yritysprojektin tiimi, PwC

Tax and law related applications of natural language processing (NLP) studied in a student project

PwC is considering collaboration with growth companies found through the project.

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