Corporate collaboration

Research collaboration and innovations

The possibilities for research collaboration extend from single research projects to long-term funding of research personnel and also include possibilities to utilise the university’s extensive research infrastructure. Often the collaboration starts from a single project but may develop into long-term strategic partnership.
Aalto tutkimusyhteistyö
Aalto University / Micronova Cleanroom / Aino Huovio

Contract research

Corporate-funded research enables more flexible consideration of corporate-specific needs.

Preferably, the topic and goals of corporate-funded projects should be connected to ongoing research and support the development of strategic thematic areas at Aalto.  Academic results, such as publications or theses are typically required. IPR typically belongs to the company.

Aalto University/ Department of civil and environmental engineering / Water engineering / Adolfo Vera

Joint-funded research collaboration

Jointly funded research collaboration enables many possibilities for partners; different roles and levels for participation as well as networking and information sharing with other partners. Possibilities include:

  • Projects funded mutually by Aalto and a company
  • Projects fully or partially funded by Business Finland, the Finnish Academy, EU or other funding organisations

Projects may involve research institutes, other universities and corporations. Academic results, such as publications or theses are required. Ownership of IPR depends on the funding organizations.

Aalto University / Micronova / Ville Jokinen /photo by Aino Huovio

Funding personnel for research and teaching

Companies can ensure progress of research also by funding positions for research personnel working in their interest fields.

  • Professor of Practice (PoP) are distinguished professionals from business life, public sector, and arts, having often the task of promoting collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • Adjunct Professors work part-time at Aalto and participate intensively especially in teaching.
  • Postdocs: Experienced post-docs ensure long-term knowledge transfer and provide efficient guidance of MSc and doctoral students.
  • Doctoral Students: Many research projects employ doctoral students as practical task force.

Other forms of collaboration

International mobility

Aalto Innovation Services

Innovation Services promotes the commercialization of research in Aalto including technology transfer, licensing and creation of spin-outs.

Aalto-yliopiston innovaatiot ja patentit

Find a patent

We sell and license patented technology and the know-how to needed to deploy patented technologies.

Slush 2017. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto/ Mikko Raskinen

Entrepreneurship and startups

Entrepreneurship infuses everything at Aalto. Whether you’re a student interested in entrepreneurial education or a startup looking for an accelerator – or something in between – join our community!

Three researchers using a device on the surface of the ice at Aalto ice tank

Research and learning infrastructures

Our research and teaching infrastructures are a prerequisite for world-class, cutting edge research. They offer opportunities for collaboration and foster the local innovation ecosystem growth. The large infrastructures are open for all Aalto and external users.

Image courtesy of Mika Seppä

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI)

FCAI is a national competence center for AI in Finland, initiated by Aalto University, University of Helsinki, and VTT aiming to major industrial and societal impact.

Industrial Internet Campus is a co-innovation lab for students, researchers and companies

Industrial Internet Campus

Aalto University Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) is a platform for students, researchers, and companies to innovate and co-create smart, connected products and services. Industrial Internet Campus enables multidisciplinary research, education and innovation together with industrial partners.

Corporate Relations

Aalto Corporate Collaboration in practice

Read more about the ways how we at Aalto collaborate with companies and communities.

CBCT scan showing the location of the mandibular canals in the lower jaw

AI makes dentists’ work easier – new model helps localise the mandibular canals

Finnish researchers developed a new automatized way to localise the mandibular canals

Mikko Leino_ELEC

Collaboration between Aalto and Saab: high-level research and product development go hand in hand

Ten-year contract enables long-term research collaboration. Ten projects are now under way.

The Aalto Acoustics Lab

How to make something good even better: research cooperation with Genelec has continued for decades

The most recent results of joint research are related to the temporal response function of speakers: we want to hear all sound frequencies at the very moment when they are supposed to be heard.

Aalto University / collaboration wih Nokia / Photo by Ilkka Hyytiäinen

Aalto University and Nokia expand their cooperation

Aalto University and Nokia expand their cooperation


Aallon keskeiset tutkimusalat

ICT and digitalisation

How the likes of AI and 5G networks are harnessed and developed affect the whole society, from education to medicine and economics.

Two Aalto University students working at computers.

Materials and sustainable use of natural resources

As climate change rattles the world, the wise use of resources becomes increasingly crucial. Dive into the recycling of metals, the creation of sustainable textile fibers as well as other possibilities in materials research.

Close-up on a pair of hands wearing white rubber gloves, holding a black plastic coaster.

Arts and design knowledge building

Art and creativity enable looking at the grand challenges of our time from a new perspective. Look past the imaginable and join us in changing the world in art and design knowledge building.

In Tension 4 Photo by_ Eeva Suorlahti

Global business dynamics

Phenomena like digitalisation and platform economy transform the means of how we work, live and handle money and property. Understand the future by understanding the dynamics of global economics.

Wind farm by the water at sunset.

Advanced energy solutions

The way energy is produced and consumed makes all the difference in the quest for a sustainable society. Contribute to a more responsible future in the field of advanced energy solutions.

Aalto University Showcases

Human-centred living environments

We aim at understanding how individuals experience their physical environment and what could be done to enhance this experience. Take part in designing better living environments for everyone.

Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Health and wellbeing

Different health hazards and diseases account for massive humane suffering and economic losses. Engage in health and wellbeing research and help us enable better and longer human lives.


Aalto Sustainability

To address complex sustainability challenges, Aalto Sustainability works to increase interdisciplinary research collaboration and to promote sustainability in teaching, campus development and other operations at Aalto.

Aalto Sustainability Hub
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