Corporate collaboration

Research collaboration and innovations

The possibilities for research collaboration extend from single research projects to long-term funding of research personnel and also include possibilities to utilise the university’s extensive research infrastructure. Often the collaboration starts from a single project but may develop into long-term strategic partnership.
CHEM students working in a lab

Ways to collaborate in research

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Contract research: tailor-made collaboration to benefit your business

Contract research can be used to carry out projects that directly benefit the client organisation's future business and its development, taking advantage of the university's latest research knowledge, talent and equipment.

Corporate collaboration
Professor Emeritus Herbert Sixta and members of the Ioncell team posing beside a Ioncell spinning machine

Co-funded research: an easy route to impactful cooperation

Co-funded research projects enable long-term cooperation and technological development with a small financial contribution.

Corporate collaboration

Invest in the future: Doctoral thesis collaboration

Long-term collaboration in the form of a doctoral project enables knowledge transfer and dialogue, where both the company, the university and the doctoral student learn from each other.

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Examples of research collaboration with companies

Here you can find various news articles about how Aalto University's researchers collaborate with corporate partners.

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Join the MEC-funded doctoral pilot at Aalto University 2024-2027

Aalto University offers companies a unique opportunity to participate in the doctoral education pilot funded by MEC.

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Doctoral hats

Lightweight ways to cooperate

In Master's theses and in study projects, students work on real-life cases in collaboration with companies and other organisations. For companies, these projects offer a way to connect with the experts of the future and get fresh ideas and new insights.

Opiskelija työskentelemässä tietokoneen ääressä

Commission a Master's thesis

A Master's thesis is an effective way for a company to use academic research to develop its business.

Corporate collaboration
Project work course gala

Study Projects

In study projects, students solve real-life cases together with companies and other organisations.

Corporate collaboration
Aalto University / Micronova / Ville Jokinen /photo by Aino Huovio

Funding personnel for research and teaching

Companies can ensure progress of research also by funding positions for research personnel working in their interest fields.

  • Professor of Practice (PoP) are distinguished professionals from business life, public sector, and arts, having often the task of promoting collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • Adjunct Professors work part-time at Aalto and participate intensively especially in teaching.
  • Postdocs: Experienced post-docs ensure long-term knowledge transfer and provide efficient guidance of MSc and doctoral students.
  • Doctoral Students: Many research projects employ doctoral students as practical task force.
Give for the future

Participate in field-specific networks and ecosystems

Field-specific networks and ecosystems are a great way to participate in university research and stay up-to-date with development.

Image courtesy of Mika Seppä

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) (external link)

FCAI is a national competence center for AI in Finland, initiated by Aalto University, University of Helsinki, and VTT aiming to major industrial and societal impact.

Finnish AI Region logo banner

Finnish AI Region FAIR (external link)

The Finnish AI Region, or FAIR, aims to accelerate and expand the adoption of artificial intelligence in small and medium-sized enterprises.

FinnCERES Materials Cluster


FinnCERES, competence center for materials bioeconomy, is a Flagship for our sustainable future.

Building 2030

Building 2030

The Building 2030 project envisions, researches and promotes a better future of construction.

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Aalto Center for Autonomous Systems (external link)

ACAS combines Aalto expertise on various fields to tackle challenging systems-related research problems related to the autonomous operation of networked machines.

Make use of the research infrastructure and collaborative platforms

Three researchers using a device on the surface of the ice at Aalto ice tank

Research and learning infrastructures

Our research and teaching infrastructures are a prerequisite for world-class, cutting edge research. They offer opportunities for collaboration and foster the local innovation ecosystem growth. The large infrastructures are open for all Aalto and external users.

Two students working at the Aalto University Design Factory's PrintLab

Design Factory

Design Factory develops creative ways of working and enhanced interdisciplinary interaction to support world-class product design in educational, research and practical application contexts.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Internet Campus is a co-innovation lab for students, researchers and companies

Industrial Internet Campus

Aalto University Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) is a platform for students, researchers, and companies to innovate and co-create smart, connected products and services. Industrial Internet Campus enables multidisciplinary research, education and innovation together with industrial partners.

Aalto Factory of the Future

Factory of the Future deploys indoor 5G and WiFi6 to support manufacturing research

Students and researchers can use the new facility to explore the applications of cutting-edge communications technologies in Industry 4.0.

Slush 2021

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

Aalto University is home to a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture. The ecosystem is powered by both student-led entrepreneurial activities and the university's own research and innovation hubs.

Research ideas are commercialized in Aalto's incubators and accelerators; students find unforeseeable pathways towards entrepreneurship. Building on this, Aalto fosters a thriving culture of innovation.

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The seven key research areas of Aalto University

Key Research Area: ICT and digitalisation

Digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and communications are cut through the whole society, from education to medicine and economics.

Aalto X Reality Keynote PiP by Matti Ahlgren

Key Research Area: Materials and sustainable use of natural resources

Materials research ranges from physics, nanotechnology, mechanics, performance and design to biomaterials and sustainable resource use.

An abstract composition of different metals and forms.

Key Research Area: Arts and design knowledge-building

Art and creativity enable looking at the grand challenges of our time from a new perspective. Look past the imaginable and join us in changing the world in art and design knowledge building.

In Tension 4 Photo by_ Eeva Suorlahti

Key Research Area: Global business dynamics

Research related to global economy dynamics is carried out in the areas of business, economics, and industrial engineering and management.

General image of people gathered at Slush startup event, photo by Mikko Raskinen

Key Research Area: Advanced energy solutions

The main focus in energy research and teaching are energy sciences, multidisciplinary energy technologies, and sustainable energy solutions.

View of Helsinki by night. Photo by Ioannis Koulousis.

Key Research Area: Human-centred living environments

Research in this area aims to understand how individuals experience their physical environment and how art, spaces, buildings and communities can enhance it.

Kokoon modular living system is made of wood. Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo

Key Research Area: Health and Wellbeing

Aalto University’s expertise in health and wellbeing is broad-based, with strong clusters of research groups such as in medical devices, health AI, neuroscience, and care-facility architecture.

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