Study Projects

In study projects, students work on real-life cases in collaboration with companies and other organisations. For companies, the projects offer a way to connect with the experts of the future and get fresh ideas and new insights.
Student Business Project 2

With know-how gained during studies, supported by teacher supervision and guidance, student groups take on challenges varying from market research and strategic planning to product design and development. Aalto University students have a way of challenging conventional ideas and coming up with new, innovative ways of doing things.

Study projects also provide a chance to get in touch with potential future employees, as well as gain visibility among the soon-to-be graduates from the fields of science, art, technology and business.

Study project courses beginning in the spring term

School of Business International Design Business Management

IDBM Industry Project - International Design Business Management Programme

The International Design Business Management (IDBM) programme is a joint teaching and research platform of all schools of Aalto University.

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Students meeting at the table.

Strategies for Growth and Renewal

If you represent a medium or large size company (>100 employees and operating for more than 5 years) interested to get a better understanding of how your company (or one of its business units) can improve its innovation or renewal processes to achieve better growth, 'Strategies for Growth and Renewal' student projects might be appropriate for you.

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School of Business Creative Sustainability

Capstone in Creative Sustainability

Capstone in Creative Sustainability is a course where students work in multidisciplinary teams towards finding creative solutions to real-life social and environmental challenges brought by partner companies.

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Students of Aalto University / Photo by Unto Rautio

Designing Adaptive and Creative Organizations

If your company is interested in exploring how to move from traditional managerial structures toward organization designs that better support agility and self-management, then these student projects may be of interest to you. In the course project, students will work with companies to evaluate current status and give recommendations for changes in the organization design of the company or its sub-entity, based on the direction and priorities (breadth vs. depth) that the companies seek to explore.

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Students hanging out and studying in the School of Business learning hub

ITP - Information Technology Program

Information Technology Program (ITP) is an international and academic summer program at the Aalto University School of Business.

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Detail from Mechatronics Circus


Protocamp is a summer course of the School of Electrical Engineering where students of Technology and Arts build prototypes in teams.

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Student Business projects, photo by Mark Rujumba

SGT - Sustainable Global Technologies Studio Course

SGT – Sustainable Global Technologies Studio is a project-based course for Master’s and Doctoral students at Aalto University.

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CS-E5200 Design Project

Design Project is a practical multidisciplinary product and service design project with strong industry participation.


Study project courses beginning in the autumn term

Slag2PCC researchers at the facility.

AEP - Advanced Energy Project

In Advanced Energy Project project students carry out energy related projects for external companies to solve an identified business problem through the development of services, business models, technical solutions or prototypes.

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School of Business Management and International Business

Capstone: Business Development Project

Capstone Business Development Project is the final course for Master’s students at the Aalto University School of Business.

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School of Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

COINNO – Collaborative Innovation Management

COINNO is a new type of course for corporate and university students to study innovation management together in mixed teams to foster collaborative learning.

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Student Business projects

ME310 Aalto – Global Innovation Program

Master’s students from fields of design, engineering & business form interdisciplinary teams to work on real-life product and service innovation challenges proposed by partner companies.

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Aalto Pack-age student project


Pack-Age is an innovative packaging design course uniting visual communication, design, business and engineering thinking to sustainability and project-based learning.

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PdP_functional prototype of a 3D body scanner

PDP - Product Development Project

In PDP, a multidisciplinary group of Master’s students mainly from fields of engineering, industrial design and business tackle challenges aiming to a functioning prototype.

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Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Riko Nyberg, Business Development & VR, Software Business Lab / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Software Project

On the Software Project course, students develop a software system for real clients using the Scrum process framework.

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Study project courses applicable anytime


Aalto Student Satellite Program

The Aalto student satellite project brings together students to learn and collaborate on a real space project.

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Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Elina Kähkönen, vastaava opettaja, Aaltonautti / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Aaltonaut Minor Programme

Aaltonaut Minor Programme is a bachelor’s minor programme focused on interdisciplinary product development and the entrepreneurial mindset, and most importantly on contributing to the students’ learning.

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Did not find a suitable course?

If you did not find a suitable study project course from the list above, please contact Aalto corporate relations team or see what the customized business project from Aalto School of Business could provide.

Aalto University Corporate Relations team

If you are looking for an academic expert in your field or would like to know more about the various ways of corporate collaboration, don't hesitate to contact Aalto Corporate Relations.

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Student Business Project

Customized Student Business Projects

Customized Student Business Projects concentrate solely on business needs, free from time and scope restraints.

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Examples of project course outcomes

Read more about what has been done at our study project courses.

Accountorille räätälöidyn opiskelijaprojektin tiimi

Students examined automation possibilities available for financial administration software

Commissioned by Accountor, a set of metrics assessing software automation capabilities were created.

Opiskelijat kuvasivat videoita Postille, kuten oli projektin toimeksianto

A student team created and produced a recruitment video and social media videos for Posti Group

The students were praised for their flexibility and wealth of ideas in the project work.

pdp course 2018 Team Atarum / Murata photo Mikko Raskinen

Cooperation between students and companies produces open-minded ideas

Study projects are being arranged with the aim of finding fresh solutions to challenges facing companies, and to amass skills that stand out in working life.

Polaris-projekti visualisoi nuorten ilmastoahdistusta

The Polaris study project visualizes climate change anxiety

Finnish Broadcasting Company’s mobile story tries to capture how young adults experience climate change.

Ruoka-annos, joka kuvittaa juttua opiskelijaprojektista, joka tehtiin S-Ryhmälle.

Students helped S Group develop its employer image

S Group aims to make job opportunities offered by the company more appealing to chef students.

Kuvassa kolmihenkinen opiskelijatiimi.

A team of students designed a user-centric dashboard for Bank of Finland IT

The ITP project was a part of the Bank of Finland’s IT transition process.

Kuvassa Stora Ensolle tehdyn opiskelijaprojektin työryhmä.

Significant optimization potential found for Stora Enso in a student project

A tool was developed as a customised student project to optimize material flows in a network.

Aalto University Corporate Relations team
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