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Study Projects

In study projects, students work on real-life cases in collaboration with companies and other organisations. For companies, the projects offer a way to connect with the experts of the future and get fresh ideas and new insights.
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With know-how gained during studies, supported by teacher supervision and guidance, student groups take on challenges varying from market research and strategic planning to product design and development. Aalto University students have a way of challenging conventional ideas and coming up with new, innovative ways of doing things.

Participation on a study project course as a partner is also an opportunity to get in touch with future experts, as well as gain visibility among the soon-to-be graduates, from the fields of science, art, technology and business.

The most feasible study project topics are typically smaller and well-defined tasks, such as various analyzes and surveys, as well as smaller brainstorming and development tasks.

The timetables and learning objectives of most of the project courses are defined in the university curriculum. Please see the course-specific pages below.

Summer courses

Detail from Mechatronics Circus


Protocamp is a summer course of the School of Electrical Engineering where students of Technology and Arts build prototypes in teams.

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An ITP student brainstorming with post-it notes

Information Technology Program (ITP) for Partners

ITP collaborates with companies and organizations with digital business challenges solved by student teams.

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Aalto University Summer School students doing group work on Aalto University campus.

Digital Business Master Class

This intensive master’s-level course focuses on digital technologies as tools for building businesses.

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Study project courses beginning in the autumn term

Photo collage of AEP galas 2019-2021

AEP - Advanced Energy Project

In the Advanced Energy Project course, students carry out energy related projects for external companies to solve an identified business problem through the development of services, business models, technical solutions or prototypes.

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Five students sitting around a table with computers.

Capstone: Accounting (autumn)

Capstone in Accounting is a compulsory, advanced M.Sc. degree course in Accounting that Business School students typically take on the 5th academic year. In this management consultancy course, students apply in a comprehensive manner analytical skills and accounting knowledge acquired during their studies to solve real-life assignments in their case companies.

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School of Business Management and International Business

Capstone: Business Development Project (Spring, Autumn)

Capstone Business Development Project is the final course for Master’s students at the Aalto University School of Business.

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Student Business projects

IDBM Industry Project - Global Team Track

Master’s students from fields of design, engineering & business form interdisciplinary teams to work on real-life product and service innovation challenges proposed by partner companies.

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School of Business International Design Business Management

IDBM Capstone: Industry Project

The 'IDBM Capstone: Industry Project' programme is a joint teaching and research platform of all schools of Aalto University.

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PdP_functional prototype of a 3D body scanner

PDP - Product Development Project

In PDP, a multidisciplinary group of Master’s students mainly from fields of engineering, industrial design and business tackle challenges aiming to a functioning prototype.

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Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Riko Nyberg, Business Development & VR, Software Business Lab / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Software Project

On the Software Project course, students develop a software system for real clients using the Scrum process framework.

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Study project courses beginning in the spring term

Five students sitting around a table with computers.

Capstone: Accounting (spring)

In this management consultancy course, students apply in a comprehensive manner analytical skills and accounting knowledge acquired during their studies to solve real-life assignments in their case companies.

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Aerial photo of rows of private houses

Design for Government (external link)

Design for Government (DfG) is a practice-based course within the Aalto University’s multi-school Creative Sustainability master’s program. Its mission is to develop and demonstrate design competences in Finnish government.

School of Business Creative Sustainability

Capstone in Creative Sustainability

In this course students work in multidisciplinary teams towards finding creative solutions to real-life social and environmental challenges brought by partner companies.

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A large team standing and team leader sitting in front of the team.

Design Project in Chemical Engineering

In this course, senior master students create a preliminary plant design on a real-life topic provided by a course partner.

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Students of Aalto University / Photo by Unto Rautio

Designing Adaptive and Creative Organizations

If your company is interested in exploring how to redesign its processes, systems and structures to be more adaptive to changes, more innovative, and/or more entrepreneurial, and then these student projects may be of interest to you.

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Katri Kaupin CAPSTONE-kurssin loppuesitykset

Capstone: Future Proofing supply chains

Future-proofing supply chains is a project-based CAPSTONE course to be completed at the end of MSc studies.

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On-demand courses

 Aalto Festival 2018 Fashion

Art & Design Study Projects

Collaborative study project is perfect way to generate innovative and creative solutions to your organisation and business development, to get insights or create new knowledge and seek talent.

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Opiskelijoita Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Customized Student Business Projects

Contact us when you need bright minds to analyse and solve your challenges. We will tailor a student project according to your needs.

School of Business
Students doing work in a team. Photo: Roope Kiviranta

Projects with NGOs (pilot)

A new project course for School of Business students in collaboration with NGOs.

School of Business

Did not find a suitable course?

If you did not find a suitable study project course from the list above, please contact Aalto corporate relations team or see what the customized business project from Aalto School of Business could provide.

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Examples of recent project course outcomes

A visual AI-generated sketch for urban development in Battersea district in London

Architecture students use AI to design social innovations for London

The project combined qualitative evolutionary design and visual generative artificial intelligence, for the first time.

ABB Ability. ABB:n kuvapankki.

Outcome-based business models are an opportunity for growth at ABB

Student team explored the ins and outs of outcome-based models

Design Project Gala 2023

Chemical engineering design project brings mutual benefit to companies and students

The Design project in chemical engineering lets groups of students draft a preliminary implementation plan on topics offered by companies collaborating in the course.

Students at the HealthTech Linkage course 2023

Students took a deep-dive into innovation and entrepreneurship in the health industry

The HealthTech Linkage course connects students from diverse backgrounds with professionals from every corner of the healthtech industry

Seminaari Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Roope Kiviranta

Project team identified business opportunities for Finnish companies in the energy sector in Portugal

The Portuguese energy market presents both short-term and long-term opportunities across various sectors


KONE and Aalto University’s teaching collaboration approaches design as a method, way of thinking and competitive advantage

A key component of the collaboration is study projects, in which student teams work to solve companies’ real-life challenges.


Want to read more about earlier study projects?

Here you can find more news about various real-life challenges Aalto students have worked on with companies and other organisations.

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