Experimental Design

The course follows a pre-determined and changing topic that establishes the frame inside which the students work. Each time a different corporate partner is involved determining the characteristics of the introduced course case. The first part of the course is done more collectively, with students generating ideas and materials on which every student can continue their individual work later on the course. All the findings are documented with the aid of varying media. Here students are encouraged towards an experimental approach, re-thinking about the possibilities, processes and materials not forgetting the case in hand. The second part of the course is done individually where each student continues on the earlier findings developing them into novel artefact, let it be an object or a film. Students are taught to see design and outcomes from a design process in broader way to cater the divergent needs of possible clients, in this case the corporate partner and the course case. Students will conceptualise their work and learn how to translate an experiment into a novel outcome
Experimental Design
University Teacher Gianluca Giabardo
University Teacher Anna van der Lei

projects - outcomes - exhibitions

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Fiskars partners in design exploration with Aalto University

The cooperation between Fiskars and Aalto University started in 2017 by defining shared interest areas in the long term, and first concrete projects started in 2018.

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