Contemporary Design

My Feral House

by Minchen Haga Stenersen
Red brick building in the background, drawn green plant like shapes covering the image

In exploring this project, I've looked into the possible futures for a historically important Villa in the center of Helsinki. This Villa, which has served many purposes throughout the years, is now falling apart and heading towards an unknown future. By studying both human and more-than-human structures in the area, I have gathered feral data, resulting in a collection of artifacts, primarily centered around the transformation of the house into a more untamed and feral state. These abstract models are made from natural materials found on-site (logs, moss, and twigs) combined with symbolic elements representing the controlled, geometric nature of human creations. Throughout this journey, I've thought about various questions concerning power dynamics, the relationships among different entities, and the potential to rethink the importance and roles of a house beyond human-centered views. 

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