Contemporary Design

The Bedroom

by Mingzhu Fan
Interface of ”The Bedroom” website: Ten blurred circles of various colours on a beige background

The Bedroom is a sound narrative of a bedroom in the feral world of Espoo, Finland. It is presented as a digital interface offering a sound narrative that captures the essence of my personal space. Individuals can immerse themselves in the ambient sounds, providing a glimpse into my untamed environment. This interface was created by documenting my personal experiences while exploring my surroundings. In this context, sound serves as the feral language for capturing and reflecting on my life. The recorded soundtracks act as diaries, captured spontaneously by various triggers. On the website, these recordings can be played simultaneously, forming a symphony that narrates my life as a resident in the student house located in the coastal area of Otaniemi, Espoo. 

Collage of images: coasrtal vegetation, pen in snow, mosaic floor, dry leaves, moss on rock, residential building in snow, blue sky and forest
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