Contemporary Design

Augmented Footwear

by Niklas Alenius
a rendered image of augmented shoes in use
Augmented shoes render by Niklas Alenius

From conversations with my 15-year-old little sister:

Do you use Social media, like TikTok or Instagram?

Yes, both!

What kind of content do you most often come across on TikTok?

Funny dating stories, of someone explaining weird stuff that happened. TikToks focusing on LGBTQIA+ support and issues. Same with Gender diversity stuff. Cute animals of course. 

What kind of content do you most often come across on Instagram?

Fashion and clothing things, cool people with an interesting style,  LGBTQIA+ stuff as well. Pride posts, some TikToks also.

Would you, or have you bought some clothing/accessories thinking how they will look like in photos?

Not bought just because of that, but it comes to my mind while going shopping and browsing items.

How do you feel about that kind of mindset towards shopping

I know it’s a big deal for some people, even some of my friends. I personally think it’s a bit dumb, but it do think it a bit

Do you think it is important what people think when they see your social media profiles

Yeah I do, but I don’t think it too often, it’s still a major deal between people my age

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