Contemporary Design

Nut Bracteates

by João Justino
A black and white drawing of a bird on the left, on the right text saying Nut Bracteates

Nut Bracteates are edible artifacts co-created as a result of interacting with crows throughout the Experimental Design course. These artifacts explore the intelligence of crows and their symbolism in Nordic mythology versus their modern domesticated perception. How is it possible for such an intelligent creature to be seen as a scavenger? Made from peanut butter, the Bracteates express the knowledge I acquired during the course process, they serve as a gesture of gratitude for the crows. They are a tribute to our first interactions, where I used peanuts as a way to get close to the crows. The designs stand for two contrasting meanings: The crow with a peanut eye represents the domestication, the perception of a pest, the feral side. The other design of a crow outlines the higher symbolism in Nordic mythology and demonstrates the intelligence of crows as divine creatures to express the symbiotic relationship between animals and humans.

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