Contemporary Design

Take a Break - Walrus’ House

by Dario Aguet
3D modelled blue block representing the ocean, in the ocean there is a device and on it two walruses, above them clouds and birds

Take a Break - Walrus’ House is a two-level project: the submerged metal lower part serves as an ocean buoy, easily visible, and the above-water section seamlessly blends with the icy environment. This fusion of human engineering and feral ethics acknowledges the inherent needs of walruses, derived from insights gleaned from documentaries and real live virtual cameras of these creatures. This innovative structure tackles an urgent issue: melting ice has deprived walruses of essential resting spots, especially during the rapid thawing season.

The primary goal of this house is to counteract this situation by offering shelter precisely during crucial ice-melting periods. By ingeniously integrating human-made and natural elements, the “house” stands as a testament to bridge the gap between our constructed world and the needs of these creatures adversely affected by our induced environmental shifts. It signifies the possibility of harmonizing our built environment with the necessities of wildlife impacted by our environmental changes, primarily instigated by human activity.

The video is available on the Uroboros 2023 channel.

Animation of the walrus platform in the ocean
Orthographic drawing of the walrus platform
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