Contemporary Design


by Mattia Anderle
Image of a houseplant in the background, white text saying ”ECOSYSTEM” over the image

Studying ecosystems, I explored three types: natural, home, and terrarium. Plants, unique beings, depend on various interventions for survival. Human automation forces plants to endure harsh conditions. A terrarium, with minimal human touch, fosters a self-sustaining balance. Humans actively shape plant growth through pruning and fertilization, optimizing domestic growth but risking dependency. Domesticated plants, altered by care, lose the ability to thrive in the wild. Are we guiding plant flourishing or imposing dependency? Is the terrarium truly natural or a human-designed ecosystem? Similarly, are natural ecosystems pure or marked by human influence? What is the element that changes our perspectives? The size? What makes us perceive the natural aspect of a thing? Having all our senses involved might be what makes our experiences special. For this reason, I created two terrariums in which the smell is a key component to connect with the natural environment.

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