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The Prodeko Fund of Industrial Engineering and Management

Get involved in supporting the development of production and economic excellence and the future of technology entrepreneurship through the new Prodeko Fund of Industrial Engineering and Management!
Otaniemi Lehmuskuja (photo Mikko Raskinen)
Otaniemi. Photo: Mikko Raskinen

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management is one of Aalto University’s centers of excellence, producing internationally high-quality research and education. The department’s teaching and research develop the skills relevant for technology entrepreneurship and the transformation of technology-based business. Graduates of the program operate in expert and managerial positions in the technology industry and other sectors of business and as entrepreneurs in building an increasingly sustainable society.

It is now possible to support this Center of Excellence with donations. Donation is possible through the Prodeko Fund for Industrial Engineering and Management. All donations to the fund are tax deductible up to € 250,000 annually for companies and up to € 500,000 for individuals.

Donations to the fund will strengthen the high quality and effectiveness of teaching and research in the field, and improve learning environments and study opportunities in industrial engineering and technology entrepreneurship.

Choose a suitable donation amount for you and get involved in building a more sustainable future through the Prodeko Fund!

Otaniemi Lehmuskuja (photo Mikko Raskinen)

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For donations greater than 10,000 euros, please contact Helena Salminen, Aalto University’s donor relations expert ([email protected]).

Donations made to the fund are invested in a revenue-generating fund: by decision of the Fund Committee, part of it may be invested in a capitalized fund, the income of which will be used for the purpose of the fund during the period decided by the Fund Committee.

Risto Rajala - kuva Anni Hanen

The competencies that are central to the future of our society can now be promoted through small and large donations.

Risto Rajala, Professor, Industrial Engineering and Management Department

Impactful fund

Every year, Finland needs more experts in technology entrepreneurship who have the enthusiasm and ability to change the world into a better place to live, work and produce well-being. The idea for establishing the Prodeko Fund comes from Aalto University’s Industrial Engineering and Management program graduates. A working group set up by the Prodeko Advisory Board has prepared the fund to meet donors’ wishes.

“From the students’ perspective, entrepreneurship is a natural way to improve people’s lives one idea at a time. This fund offers donors the opportunity to ensure that we will continue to have experts who have the means to tackle the great challenges of the economy and society,” says Risto Rajala, former Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.

According to Rajala, the new fund will play an essential role in generating scientific research knowledge related to technology entrepreneurship and industrial engineering. It helps develop and disseminate learning in the field to current students and business people through lifelong learning opportunities. The societal impact of these activities has been emphasized by the individuals and companies who have already donated to the fund.

What's been said about the fund

The establishment of the Prodeko Fund for Industrial Engineering and Management has been warmly received both inside and outside Aalto University. The President of Aalto University, Ilkka Niemelä, and the supporters of the fund share their thoughts on the fund’s operations.

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    Aalto-yliopiston rehtori Ilkka Niemelä. Kuva Mikko Raskinen

    ”Technology entrepreneurship plays a significant role in the well-being of society as a whole, in employment, in tax and export revenues, and in the empowerment of individuals to address global sustainability challenges. That is why it is great that Finland is receiving a fund that focuses on supporting research and teaching in the field. I warmly thank the founders and donors of the fund.”

    Ilkka Niemelä

    President, Aalto University

    Marianne Vikkula

    ”Donations to universities in Finland have long been understood as crucial investments in the future of our society. Domain-specific funds, in particular, are an important opportunity to allocate resources to the development of scientific knowledge and teaching in a given area.”

    Marianne Vikkula

    Director, International growth, Wolt

    Ilkka Kivimäki

    ”It is vital for the well-being of our society to develop competencies at the levels of entrepreneurship, engineering management and the international success of organizations.”

    Ilkka Kivimäki

    Founding Partner,; Member of the Board, Aalto University

    Ilkka Paananen

    ”This initiative promotes the development of new organizational and management models and supports the success of Finnish and Nordic companies in the world. This is a vital opening for Finland in these difficult times and creates faith in the future.”

    Ilkka Paananen

    CEO, Supercell

    Risto Siilasmaa

    "Building a more sustainable future requires a strong understanding of technology, an entrepreneurial approach to scaling solutions, and good people-centered leadership. A strategic vision, financial management, and broad business knowledge will improve the conditions for success. Industrial Engineering and Management students have a unique opportunity to create sound skills in these areas."

    Risto Siilasmaa

    Chairman of the Board, WithSecure

    Kaj Hagros

    "Solving the challenges of sustainable growth, successful market entries, scalable product management, leadership in technology firms, and other critical issues of Industrial Engineering and Management affect us all. Continuous learning in these areas creates more jobs and radiates well-being for the society."

    Kaj Hagros

    Managing Partner, Redstone Nordics

    Antti Salminen Kemira

    ”This fund enables the development of areas of expertise that are essential for the technology business. Such activities are vital for Finland now and for the future.”

    Antti Salminen

    Director, Industry & Water -segment, Kemira

    Ossi Naukkarinen

    ”We need research-based knowledge to be able to promote responsible and growth-friendly entrepreneurship for the well-being of the society as a whole. This fund supports teaching and research in the area in a way that attracts top experts to Finland and helps them succeed here.”

    Ossi Naukkarinen

    Vice-President for Research, Aalto University

    Photo Sammeli Sammalkorpi

    'Humanity is facing huge challenges. A better future is created in the interaction between ideas, people and technology. Prodeko fund helps us to better understand technology entrepreneurship and thus solve the challenges at hand.'

    Sammeli Sammalkorpi, CEO, technology entrepreneur, Sievo

    Heartfelt thanks to the founding donors and all other supporters!

    The founding donors of the Prodeko DIEM Fund 

    Anu Ahola, Jussi Autere, Virpi and Jorma Eloranta, Anna Granskog, Kaj ja Kati Hagros, Janne Heikkinen, Fernando Herrera Avila, Robert Ingman, Mikko Ketola, Ilkka Kivimäki, Pirkka Palomäki, Heikki Poutanen, Lauri Sommarberg, Rantapolku-säätiö sr, Erkki and Kaija Rautiainen, Timo Ritakallio, Antti Salminen, Sammeli Sammalkorpi, Tuukka ja Kaisa Seppä, Risto Siilasmaa, Hans Sohlström, Meiju Sundelin, Hannu Suonio, Marja-Terttu Tanttinen, Trifecta Retail Ventures & DealDash, Kalervo Turtola, Marianne Vikkula, Raimo Voipio, Panu and Henna Vuorela, Yrjö and Senja Koivunen Foundation

    I already knew before I was in school that I would become an engineer, says Marja-Terttu Tanttinen

    Prodeko alumna and donor Marja-Terttu Tanttinen studied at the Helsinki University of Technology in 1967–71. She fondly remembers her studies and working life, for which her studies gave a solid foundation.

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    Marja-Terttu Tanttinen Killalle saadun lahjan kanssa.
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