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Join us in building a sustainable future!

Donation to Aalto is an investment in a better future. Together we can solve some of the toughest problems of our time.
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Joins us in building a sustainable future!

The rapidly changing world calls for courage to take a leap into the unknown. Aalto University answers this call by generating new ideas, cutting-edge research, high-class experts, entrepreneurship and leadership.

We are living in the midst of considerable forces for change. The challenges of sustainable development require immediate action, while technological disruptions are affecting companies, working life and societies at a fundamental level. The landscape of higher education is changing too, as demand and competition increase, digitalisation becomes more deeply entrenched and university funding is under increasing pressure. Research and education now need all the support they can get.

Join us in building a more sustainable future.

At Aalto, we are aiming to build a sustainable future for all humanity. Donations have a significant role in our work.

By donating to Aalto University, you support:

  1. High-quality research aimed at achieving breakthroughs in and across science, art, technology, and business
  2. Education of the future change makers
  3. Renewal of society with research-based knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking

Give today. Support research and education for a better world.

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Donate to Aalto University!

Donation to Aalto is an investment for a better world. Together we can solve some of the toughest problems of our time.

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Inspiring examples of game-changing work

As a donor this is all what you, for your part, are enabling!

Kuvituskuva bakteerista

Aalto Curious

Aalto Curious is about science breakthroughs, mythbusting and fresh research-based perspectives for better decision-making. Check out hand-picked stories from our community.

Centimeter-sized silicon chip, which has two parallel superconducting oscillators and the quantum-circuit refrigerators connected to them. Credit: Kuan Yen Tan.

Deep technology solves global challenges - Aalto University is a great growth platform for deep tech companies

Deep tech companies that got their start at Aalto University include IQM, ICEYE, Ioncell and Mustekala.

Saija Hollmén istumassa lattialla risti-istunnassa värikkäiden afrikkalaisten kankaiden päällä.

Doctoral thesis: Humanitarian architecture creates security and protection in the midst of poverty and crises

When global crises drive people out of their homes, multidisciplinary cooperation can help make something out of very little.

Liikuteltavan magneettikuvauslaitteen prototyyppi.

Accessible MRI could revolutionise the diagnosis of brain disorders

A research team at Aalto is developing an accessible magnetic resonance imaging machine

Shcool of Business alumna Riikka Davidkin

Alumna Riikka Davidkin: Impact is at the heart of my work – We do nothing if it cannot have a positive impact in society in the first place

Our alumna Riikka Davidkin dreamed of an international career already as a child. Now, as head of a team investing in impact funds at Social Finance in New York, she feels that her work has great significance. In her mind, it is the financial sector that is best positioned to have an impact on solving the big problems of our time.

Piirroskuvituksessa on siniasuinen mieshamo kumartuneena 3D-printterin ylle, kuvassa on myös maapallo, jonka yllä kulkee lentokone, sekä sormet, jotka pitelevät kuutiota, jossa lukee error!. Kuvitus: Studio Jenni & Jukka.

True or false? Space rockets can be made with a 3D printer

Assistant Professor Mika Salmi corrects common misconceptions about 3D printing. Salmi’s professorship focuses on sustainability in manufacturing.

Shaking up Tech Tampere. Kuva: Jonne Renvall.

Shaking up Tech (external link)

Through the Shaking up Tech event, Aalto University’s schools of technology want to offer young women – who will soon be facing study and career choices – a new understanding of technology.

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