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Supporting the international student exchange

At the School of Business, we encourage all students to become more internationally orientated during their studies by providing a grant to every student going on exchange abroad. By donating, you help our students gain important expertise, which is crucial for Finland’s competitiveness.
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Aalto University / Roope Kiviranta

The School of Business encourages students to become internationally orientated. Almost 60 % of our students go on exchange abroad annually, and the School spends a significant sum providing a grant to each one of them. As the number of students is increasing, and we are in a situation where we can no longer only rely on government funding, we need your help in order to continue providing this support going forward.

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School of Business International Student Exchange

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Read more about making a donation, donor recognition and tax deduction possibilities (in Finland) here.

Student exchange experiences of the School of Business alumni and students

Below some School of Business alumni and students share their own experiences from student exchange and tell how the exchange abroad has affected their studies and career.

Vilma Mertanen

'I did my Bachelor's student exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark in spring 2022. My time in Copenhagen was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a lot from my exchange friends from all over the world, and some of them became lifelong friends whom I have had the chance to meet many times since the exchange.

In addition to the friends, the destination itself made the experience great, and Copenhagen became like a second home to me. The ease and functionality of the city, the relaxed attitude of the people and the internationality of the city made it easy to adapt. The studies were interesting and also made it possible to explore the surroundings and travel to other parts of Europe in my free time through flexible course practices. The Swedish language skills were also very useful for learning Danish, even though spoken Danish is a challenging language. After the exchange, I have considered moving to Denmark or another Nordic country as a possibility after graduation.'

Vilma Mertanen

Student, Master's program in Economics, Aalto University School of Business

Kirsikka Lehto-Asikainen

'My student exchange in France was important to me, and the experience has proven to be very useful in my international career. In addition to France, I learned a lot from other countries and cultures during the exchange, as there was a multicultural diversity of exchange students studying at the same time. I also created permanent friendships during that time.

The student exchange is also important for the society, as Finland lives on foreign trade and international relations are important to us. Students should learn to understand the global environment and create foreign networks already during studies. I think every Aalto student should spend at least some time abroad.'

Kirsikka Lehto-Asikainen

Ambassador, Helsinki Policy Forum and Gulf region, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
School of Business alum, class '90

Juho Tuovinen, member of the School of Business Alumni Advisory Board

'Student exchange was a great way to experience a completely different culture, language and education system in a foreign country. The exchange organized by the School of Business was an easy and safe choice to experience something new, which would not have been possible otherwise!

During the exchange, I learned to better understand the different ideologies people might have depending on their background and culture. This is a skill which I use everyday in my international sales job. Moreover, I met new people, who have become my friends for life.'

Juho Tuovinen

Head of International, Rabbit Films
School of Business alum, Mikkeli class BScBA 4

School of Business alumna, class '49, Kristina Puranen

'In the spring of 1951, I received a scholarship from the Foundation for Economic Education and left Helsinki for a student exchange in London.The experience was interesting, as I gained a lot of new international friends, and with some of them, the friendship has lasted through our lifetime.

My studies in London were mostly focused on learning the language, but also business studies were included. Those three months abroad were an extremely rewarding and memorable experience!'

Kristina Puranen

School of Business alum, class '49

Iina Korhonen, Aalto University School of Business student

'I completed my student exchange in Buenos Aires in autumn 2018.

 I met lots of people there coming from around the world, which broadened my perspective and understanding on different cultures. It was also an excellent opportunity to enhance my language skills.

The exchange supported my business studies and gave me a clearer vision of where I want to focus on in my master's studies. I believe that the international experience will benefit me later on in my studies and in the future career, for I would like to work in a multicultural environment.'

Iina Korhonen

Business Manager, Valio
School of Business alum, class 2016

Kaiku Kettunen, Aalto University School of Business student

'Going on exchange in Taiwan was absolutely the best decision I have made during my university career. Even though it is not a vacation, the exchange gave me the opportunity to relax for a moment. Especially in the School of Business, starting your career already during the studies is seen as very important among the students, so it was nice to put part-time jobs, student activities and job-hunting aside for awhile.

New friendships made during the exchange and the new environment have also affected my worldview – I can honestly say that it has broadened a lot! The exchange offered possibilities to undertake different courses from what I would have chosen in Finland. For example, all of my courses abroad focused on sustainability and environmental topics.'

Kaiku Kettunen

Project Manager, DB Pro Services
School of Business alum, class 2015

Recognition of the donors in the School of Business

We offer you, as a donor of the School of Business, the possibility to be recognized in our building. By donating at least 500 euros (one-off donation) as an individual, you will have the possibility of having your name carved into the Donors’ Wall, and by donating at least 1000 euros (cumulative donation) as an individual, you can have a seat named after you.

Donations of at least 850 euros per year can be directly deducted from your taxes (in Finland).

Read more about making a donation, donor recognition and tax deduction possibilities (in Finland) here.

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Many School of Business students want to go on exchange

Business students are also the most eager to go on exchange at Aalto University

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Donations make it possible for all the students to participate in student exchanges

International student exchange is an essential part of the studies of many students at the School of Business

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The best trip ever!

More than 60% of students at the School of Business experience an international exchange every year. The School of Business gives financial support to every one of its students going on exchange abroad. As a donor, you can do the same.

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