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Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, will capitalise universities by EUR 100 million, of which EUR 67 million will be distributed in proportion to the donations received by universities in 2020–2022. A donation of less than EUR 10,000 is eligible for match funding when it is generally allocated to the university. If you select "Aalto University" in the online donation, match funding may be applied for your donation. Read more

Support the battle against the coronavirus

Our society faces a huge challenge caused by the global coronavirus pandemic. As the Aalto community, we will do our utmost to help in the midst of the crisis. You can donate to support the battle against the corona pandemic.

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Aalto University Health Platform - Mikko Raskinen

Why Aalto?

The rapidly changing world calls for courage to take a leap into the unknown. Aalto University answers this call by generating new ideas, cutting-edge research, high-class experts, entrepreneurship and leadership. Give today and support research and work on behalf of a stronger Finland that succeeds in international competition.

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