Give for the future

Leave a better future as your legacy

Your last will can be a first step to something new. By including Aalto University in your will, you can turn your legacy into a sustainable future.
A Civil Engineering Student working on a water engineering project

Why choose legacy giving?

The world around us is changing faster than ever. Humanity has never before faced challenges such aslike climate change, plastic waste, or fast fashion. By including Aalto University in your will, you support high-quality research and help to achieve breakthroughs in science, art, technology, economics, as well as in the many places where these overlap. 

Aalto University’s strategic objective is to build a sustainable future. Donations play an important role in achieving this goal. 

With you donation you will: 

  1. Create innovative and sustainable solutions to global challenges.
  2. Educate future experts for key tasks in our society.
  3. Provide an environment for cross-disciplinary learning and research and for new kinds of creative solutions. 

By including Aalto University in your will, you can turn your legacy into a sustainable future. 

Your last will can be a first step to something new. A legacy gift for the university is a step towards a better future.

Ilkka Niemelä, President of Aalto University
Nora Rahnasto

Want more information?

Nora Rahnasto from our donor engagement team is happy to help with all things related to legacy giving.

You can contact Nora by phone or email.

tel: +358 50 362 2243
email: [email protected]

Petteri Isotupa

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Give for the future

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Give for the future
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Give for the future
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Give for the future
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