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What if Finnish cinema were one Finland’s main exports commodities? Or if digital gaming were found to have national health benefits? Can you imagine spiderwebs used as a building material? Join us in accelerating the transition towards a future of sustainability and well-being!
Aalto-yliopisto Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu, Näytös 19
Donating to the School of Arts, Design and Architecture supports education for a diverse range of problem-solvers as well as the leading edge of international research in design and the development of the creative fields.

The School aims high – and why not, since its activities are consistently ranked in the top of the international reviews. The School’s activities include work on toxic-free colours for the clothing industry, digital tools for diplomacy and conflict resolution, and recyclable building materials.

Today's challenges and global interdependencies apply to a wider range of fields than ever before. This calls for creative solutions and, above all, asking the right questions. 

Art, design and architecture are building blocks on which the well-being of society is founded: We must ensure continued funding for research and education, for Finland and the world at large will continue to need specialists and innovations in order to tackle the great global issues. 

Less than 60% of Aalto University’s costs are covered by the budget of Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture. The rest comes from other sources, including private donors. That’s why donations of all sizes are particularly important. 

Donate and join the donor community contributing to a society that functions well for the well-being for everyone!

Wood architecture

Simple answers are not the answer for intricate problems

Why has humanity been able to send tourists into outer space, but unable to resolve the sustainability challenges facing our own planet? 

People are masters at solving the kinds of complex problems that require technical expertise and can be broken down into individual questions answerable by specialists with the right expertise. But when it comes to the multidimensional issues of sustainable development, then individual actions and projects are not enough.

In itself, changing our activities is a relatively simple matter; however, changing the beliefs, ways of thinking, and values behind the ways we act are not. Imagining and carrying through concrete solutions for sustainability and a better tomorrow require boldness.

Two people working on a colored exhibition piece in a dark room.

Experts of the intricate

Global issues and the challenges to societal well-being can be tackled only through boldly confronting the unknown and accepting differences, complexities and ambiguities. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, then you get the point. 

While just the idea of leaving one's comfort zone can feel oppressive, some people enjoy doing so, and perform brilliantly when they are there. Whichever group you are in, we as a society need people who are tolerant of ambiguity, contradiction, unpredictability and multiplicities – people who thrive when they can use their creative imagination and are able to channel it into their own field of expertise. 

We need experts in arts, design and architecture.

Safeguarding the future

The challenges facing the world of today and tomorrow are immense, and that is why we have a continuing need for skilled planners, designers, art educators and artists in the various fields.

We will continue to need innovative, inquisitive thinkers. We will need global citizens to create imaginative and nonconventional approaches for the complex challenges facing society. Help us ensure that Finland will have developers of digital media, visual culture, responsible design, urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture in the future, too.

By donating to the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, you support

  1. Multidisciplinary problem-solvers – educated specialists who can defy the common wisdom and convention in art, design and architecture
  2. Design thinking and the application of practices for sustainable development targets
  3. World-class research in design and development of the creative fields.

With the current tightening of public funding, this is no simple task. That is why your donation for ensuring high quality of education and research in the creative fields is more vital than ever.

solar panel clothing

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Considering a larger donation to the School of Arts, Design and Architecture?

If you are considering giving 10 000 euros or more, please get in touch with Eveliina Mikkola.

 Eveliina Mikkola

Eveliina Mikkola

Donor Engagement

Inspirational examples of work that changes the world

Our researchers and students strive to develop solutions to the challenging sustainability issues of our time, ranging from materials and the clothing industry to housing.

kuvassa kahdet kädet levittävät läpinäkyvää limaa punaista taustaa vasten

CHEMARTS - Inspiration for Material Enthusiasts (external link)

Biomaterials are the best options as we seek more sustainable ways for our current world of materials.

A hand holding green purse on top of a green dress

The Wardrobe of the Future (external link)

If we can imagine a fashion revolution, we can make it happen!

Nainen vihreässä takissa puhuu puhelinkioskissa ulkona

A new boom in Finnish cinema (external link)

Finland’s film industry is thriving and attracting new audiences at home and overseas. Where does the success come from?

vaatemallit seisovat metsän keskellä ja katsovat kameraan

Limitless, inexhaustible (external link)

Fashion resists attempts at definition and refuses to fit a mould. It’s a true hybrid, comprising countless different professions and specialisms.

AaltoARTS_LongRead_Shorthand_Gaming revolution_illustration_Strahinja Jovanović.

The next gaming revolution (external link)

Beyond the confines of the commercial gaming industry exists a diverse and thriving gaming culture offering virtually unlimited possibilities and potential.

Seaweed pavilion Hidaka Ohmu is Julia Lohmann's installation made of seaweed.

Design as a real driver for change (external link)

Julia Lohmann underlines, that design can play a major role in realizing sustainable changes on a vast scale.

Maisema-arkkitehdit muokkaavat maisemaa. Kesäisessä kuvassa Flow-festivaalialueelta ihmiset viihtyvät ulkona ja telttakatoksissa.

Makers of Landscape (external link)

Landscape architects are constantly shaping our surroundings. They take care of the environment as a whole.

Honouring of our donors

Thin breads in different colours made of glass hanging in a pole

Thank you to our donors!

Every donation is meaningful to us. Together we can build a more sustainable future.

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

What does the School of Arts, Design and Architecture do?

Students at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture question prevailing practices and structures; they are developers of new ways of doing things, builders of a sustainable future.

The School educates professionals in four departments: Art and Media; Design; Architecture; and Film. All have in common their creative thinking and drive to responsibly develop a just society and a socially, culturally and ecologically sustainable built-environment. 

The School’s fields of education require of its members, in addition to technical skills, the capacity for critical thinking, insightful interpretation, keen observational skills grounded in reality and an understanding of the economy. 

School of Arts, Design and Architecture
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