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The Materials to Products research group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering


Researchers in Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (AM2) investigate the properties and performance of engineering materials processed by advanced and sustainable manufacturing integrated in circular economy. Starting point in modern production at AM2 is digital data, generated and optimized.

Research methods encompass multiscale and multiphysics modelling, mechanical and microstructural testing with digital measurement and quality control techniques. Among the applications in green processes and methods, special emphasis goes to hydrogen influence in materials for safe energy applications, new sustainable friction-based manufacturing solutions and additive manufacturing.

We, at AM2, actively integrate our researchers in innovative solutions for materials, manufacturing and digital tools, promoting the transference of patenting and know-how into their start-ups, while celebrating success.

Product Development and Design Factory

Aalto University Design Factory is a platform for co-creation across disciplinary, organisational and even geographical boundaries. Born as one of the first physical manifestations of Aalto University, a network of over 30 Design Factories across the globe has been formed to support reimagining higher education around product development.

Whether you're a staff member, student, alumni or represent the surrounding societal and industrial ecosystem, Design Factory aims to lower the threshold for the first steps of experimentation in our university. We pilot new forms of practices in education and development, host a number of courses and research groups, as well as offer prototyping facilities that any student can make use of with the help of our lab masters.

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Research topics

Latest publications

Stereo-DIC Challenge 1.0 – Rigid Body Motion of a Complex Shape

W. Ahmad, J. Helm, S. Bossuyt, P. Reu, D. Turner, L. K. Luan, P. Lava, T. Siebert, M. Simonsen 2024 Experimental Mechanics

Additive manufacturing of self-sensing parts through material extrusion


The role of printing parameters on the short beam strength of 3D-printed continuous carbon fibre reinforced epoxy-PETG composites

Humberto Almeida, Siddharth Jayaprakash, Kari Kolari, Jukka Kuva, Kirsi Kukko, Jouni Partanen 2024 Composite Structures

Crystal plasticity model for creep and relaxation deformation of OFP copper

Tom Andersson, Matti Lindroos, Rami Pohja, Abhishek Biswas, Supriya Nandy, Janne Pakarinen, Juhani Rantala 2024 Materials at high temperatures

Effect of Additives on Heat Hardened Inorganic Solid Foundry Binder

Nurul Anwar, Katarzyna Major-Gabryś, Kalle Jalava, Juhani Orkas 2024 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF METALCASTING

Rate-Dependent Hardening Behavior and TRIP Effect in Quenching and Partitioning Steels for Application in Crash Energy-Absorbing Structures

Max Maria Bisch, Chongyang Zeng, Rongfei Juan, Junhe Lian, Xiangfan Fang 2024 Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity - Current Trends in the Technology of Plasticity - ICTP 2023 - Volume 4

Metal Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion Process Development Using Optical Tomography

Roy Björkstrand, Jan Sher Akmal, Mika Salmi 2024 Materials

Critical Thinking Assessment in Engineering Education : A Scopus-Based Literature Review

Saurabh Deo, Katja Hölttä-Otto 2024 Journal of Mechanical Design
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Sven Bossuyt

Sven Bossuyt

Professori (Associate professor)
Junhe Lian

Junhe Lian

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Maria Ines Santos Silva

Maria Ines Santos Silva

Doctoral Researcher

Ragul Gandhi

Visiting Doctoral Researcher

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