Sven Bossuyt

Sven Bossuyt

Professori (Associate professor)
Professori (Associate professor)
T212 Mechanical Engineering
Professor (Associate Professor)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor (Associate Professor)
Materials to Products


My main interests in research and teaching are the science of engineering materials, the physics of metals, and the mechanics of materials, but I very much enjoy interdisciplinary work as well, so that is by no means an exhaustive list. Particular topics I have worked on as a full-time researcher have been to investigate the deformation behavior and processing of bulk metallic glasses, and to develop next-generation digital image correlation methods for full-field measurements of localized deformations.


I am from Belgium originally, but I spent several years in the U.S.A. and in the U.K. as well, before moving back to Belgium and then settling in Finland. For my Academy of Finland Award, a short video was made presenting my story as a fairy tale about "the material boy", which I think is really nice!

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Areas of expertise

Bulk Metallic Glass, Amorphous metals, Digital Image Correlation, Engineering Materials, Inverse problems

Honors and awards

Academy reward 2013 Academy of Finland, Finland

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Mechanical Engineering Jan 2013

Research groups

  • Materials to Products, Professor (Associate Professor)


Stereo-DIC Challenge 1.0 – Rigid Body Motion of a Complex Shape

W. Ahmad, J. Helm, S. Bossuyt, P. Reu, D. Turner, L. K. Luan, P. Lava, T. Siebert, M. Simonsen 2024

DIC Analyses and Parameter Calibration of a Strain Aging Sensitive Ductile Cast Iron

Malo Valmalle, Kim Widell, Risto Ilola, Sven Bossuyt 2024

Developing methods of using Digital Image Correlation for ice research

Waqas Ahmad, Malith Prasanna, Iman E. Gharamti, Sven Bossuyt, Jukka Tuhkuri 2023 Proceedings of the International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions (POAC)

Characterization of pulse electric current sintered Ti-6Al-4V ternary composites : Role of YSZ-Si3N4 ceramics addition on structural modification and hydrogen desorption

Samuel Olukayode Akinwamide, Sven Bossuyt, Eric A.K. Fangnon, Ojo Jeremiah Akinribide, Peter Apata Olubambi 2023

Hydrogen-induced micro-void formation in copper used for spent nuclear fuel disposal canisters

Patrik Sahiluoma, Yuriy Yagodzinskyy, Sven Bossyut, Hannu Hänninen 2023

Measurement of crack speed in saline ice using Digital Image Correlation

Waqas Ahmad, Malith Prasanna, Sven Bossuyt, Jukka Tuhkuri 2022 Proceedings of the 26th IAHR International Symposium on Ice

Unite! European University: Main difficulties regarding Flexible Study Pathways identified by Partners with Impact on Joint Programmes – Results of a survey across Europe

Sven Bossuyt, P. Brogueira, C. Castro, F. David, A. Dellabale, J. Freihöefer, M. V. Garcia, I. Gonçalves, J. Hack, Katrina Nordström, F. Simões, P. Simões 2022 Proceedings of the 50th SEFI Conference (European Society for Engineering Education) 2022

Anisotropic Plastic Behavior of Additively Manufactured PH1 Steel

Wenqi Liu, Zinan Li, Sven Bossuyt, Antti Forsström, Zaiqing Que, Roy Björkstrand, Mika Salmi, Jouni Partanen, Junhe Lian 2021 ESAFORM 2021 - 24th International Conference on Material Forming

Hydrogen embrittlement of nodular cast iron

Patrik Sahiluoma, Yuriy Yagodzinskyy, Antti Forsström, Hannu Hänninen, Sven Bossuyt 2021