Tua Björklund

Tua Björklund

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
T212 Mechanical Engineering

Tua is one of the co-founders of the Aalto University Design Factory, a multidisciplinary platform for experimentation and co-creation. As an assistant professor in creative practices in engineering and the head of Design Factory research, her work revolves around understanding, teaching and developing innovation efforts, turning ideas into improvements in organizations and education. She combines engineering design with organizational psychology, her work spanning from design thinking and product development to new venture creation.

In addition to her work at Aalto University, Tua is a senior associate editor at the Journal of Engineering Education. She has a DSc degree in industrial management from the Aalto University School of Science, and an MA degree in cognitive science from the University of Helsinki. In addition to the Design Factory, Tua has worked as a visiting Fulbright scholar at the Center for Design Research at Stanford University.

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