Junhe Lian

Junhe Lian

My main research focuses are in line with the multiscale modeling of material mechanics in the framework of the ICME concept. Relying on the advanced microstructure characterization and in-situ testing methods from nano to component level, I develop models and tools to build the process-structure-property-performance relationship. The main topics include micro and macro plasticity, localization, damage, fracture, toughness, and fatigue. Deformation and failure analysis of Lithium-ion batteries and data-driven model development for material mechanics are my ongoing research.

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Honors and awards

Future Makers Finland

Intelligent data-physical integration to assess and design materials for hydrogen storage and transportation
Granted funding (public project funding) Department of Mechanical Engineering Jan 2023

ERC Starting Grant

HIGMAM: Hierarchical gradient metals by additive manufacturing
Granted funding (personal grants) Department of Mechanical Engineering Feb 2023

Scientific Prize of ESAFORM

Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Department of Mechanical Engineering May 2020


An iterative path compensation method for double-sided robotic roller forming of compact thin-walled profiles

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Prediction and validation of melt pool dimensions and geometric distortions of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg

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Microstructural evolution and properties of electromagnetic cast-rolled novel Al–Li alloy under different heat treatment procedures

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