Teo Keipi

Teo Keipi

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Betonimiehenkuja 5 C


I am a social scientist with a background in social psychology, economic sociology and behavioural economics. My past research has involved group decision making, attitudes and behavioural patterns linked to identity including issues of trust, wellbeing, risk assessment, accountability and social tie effects among others. My doctoral work focused on the effects of anonymity on decision making through responsibility diffusion, shifts in accountability and customised self-presentation.

My research at the Design Factory focuses on mapping contextual factors that influence motivational, performance and cooperative aspects of organisational decision-making that can be enhanced by the design thinking approach. In terms of Design Factory projects, I contribute primarily to Design Plus, DesignBites and DRIVE, studying how the design thinking approach and nuanced group dynamics can be leveraged for innovating business strategy.

In the private sector, I have been involved with building cooperative strategies between multinational corporations and start-ups in addition to studying corporate experiences of innovating and integrating start-up expertise within complex and well-established companies.


I have carried out doctoral research at Helsinki University's department of social psychology, Tampere University's department of social psychology, and Turku University's department of social research, where I also worked as a post-doctoral researcher and senior research fellow.

My earlier studies, M.Sc. and B.Sc., were carried out at George Mason University in conjunction with Georgetown University in Washington D.C.