Luc St-Pierre

Luc St-Pierre

Konetekniikan laitos

My research focuses on the mechanics of lattice materials, with the objective of creating new materials by design.  Lattice materials are interconnected arrays of trusses or plates, such as honeycombs, and can be made from any existing solid.  By choosing their topology and parent material, we can design new materials with specific, and often unique, combinations of properties.  My work combines analytical, numerical and experimental methods to provide a better understanding of the mechanical behavior of these lattice materials.

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  • Materiaaleista tuotteiksi, Apulaisprofessori


A concurrent fibre orientation and topology optimisation framework for 3D-printed fibre-reinforced composites

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Fracture toughness of semi-regular lattices

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The fracture toughness of demi-regular lattices

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Fracture of Honeycombs Produced by Additive Manufacturing

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A novel parameter to tailor the properties of prismatic lattice materials

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Mechanical Properties of Semi-Regular Lattices

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Design, modeling, optimization, manufacturing and testing of variable-angle filament-wound cylinders

Humberto Almeida, Luc St-Pierre, Zhihua Wang, Marcelo L. Ribeiro, Volnei Tita, Sandro C. Amico, Saullo G.P. Castro 2021 Composites Part B: Engineering

Measuring geometric imperfections of variable–angle filament–wound cylinders with a simple digital image correlation setup

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An Abaqus plug-in to simulate fatigue crack growth

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