Juhani Orkas

T212 Mechanical Engineering

Professor of Foundry Engineering in Department of Mechanical Engineering conducting research in foundry and casting production related technologies, like casting materials (especially cast irons and aluminium alloys), smart foundries (digitalization, additive manufacturing) and circular economy of foundry industry.

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  • Materials to Products, Professor


Effect of Additives on Heat Hardened Inorganic Solid Foundry Binder

Nurul Anwar, Katarzyna Major-Gabryś, Kalle Jalava, Juhani Orkas 2024

Potential and Challenges of Fused Granular Fabrication in Patternmaking

Kalle Jalava, Joni Korpi, Alexander Strakh, Juhani Orkas 2023

Additively Manufactured 2D Matrix Code Direct Part-Marking Casting Requirements

Tekin Uyan, Kalle Jalava, Juhani Orkas, Kevin Otto 2023

Comparative experimental study of sand and binder for flowability and casting mold quality

Nurul Anwar, Tommi Sappinen, Kalle Jalava, Juhani Orkas 2021

Cast iron selection based on design requirements of thermomechanically loaded applications and its' foundry challenges

Kalle Jalava, Ari Mourujärvi, Jarkko Laine, Juhani Orkas 2021 Conference proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on the Science and Processing of Cast Iron

The Mechanical Properties of Ductile Iron at Intermediate Temperatures

Jarkko Laine, K. Jalava, Joona Vaara, K. Soivio, T. Frondelius, J. Orkas 2021

Investigation on dynamic strain aging behaviour of ferritic-pearlitic ductile cast irons

Kalle Jalava, Jarkko Laine, Joona Vaara, Tero Frondelius, Juhani Orkas 2020