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Characterization of pulse electric current sintered Ti-6Al-4V ternary composites : Role of YSZ-Si3N4 ceramics addition on structural modification and hydrogen desorption

Samuel Olukayode Akinwamide, Sven Bossuyt, Eric A.K. Fangnon, Ojo Jeremiah Akinribide, Peter Apata Olubambi 2023 Materials Today Communications

Efficient strategies for reliability analysis and uncertainty quantification for filament-wound cylinders under internal pressure

Masoume Azizian, Humberto Almeida, Mohammad Azizian 2023 JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS

Investigation of the Internal Structure of Hardened 3D-Printed Concrete by X-CT Scanning and Its Influence on the Mechanical Performance

Yanjuan Chen, Jukka Kuva, Ashish Mohite, Zhongsen Li, Hubert Rahier, Fahim Al-Neshawy, Jiangpeng Shu 2023 Materials

A multiscale topology optimisation framework for hollow spheres as cellular materials

Bruno G. Christoff, Humberto Almeida, Eduardo Lenz Cardoso, Volnei Tita 2023 Engineering Structures


Vikki Eriksson, Teo Keipi, Tua Björklund 2023 Proceedings of the Design Society

Densification, microstructural characterization, and the electrochemical behaviour of spark-plasma sintered Ti6Al4V-5Cr-TiB2 composites

Oluwasegun Eso Falodun, Samuel Ranti Oke, Olukayode Samuel Akinwamide, Peter Apata Olubambi 2023 Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society

Sustainable machining of additive manufactured SS-316L underpinning low carbon manufacturing goal

Muhammad Umar Farooq, Saqib Anwar, Rizwan Ullah, Rodolfo Haber Guerra 2023 Journal of Materials Research and Technology

Defect engineering of fatigue-resistant steels by data-driven models

Chao Gu, Yanping Bao, Sayoojya Prasad, Ziyu Lyu, Junhe Lian 2023 ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

Numerical investigation into effects of fracture behavior on edge cracking sensitivity

Niloufar Habibi, Meng Zhou, Junhe Lian, Markus Koenemann, Sebastian Muenstermann 2023 Journal of Materials Processing Technology

Feasibility of 3D-printed middle ear prostheses in partial ossicular chain reconstruction

Anssi Kalle Heikkinen, Sini Lähde, Valtteri Rissanen, Mika Salmi, Antti A. Aarnisalo, Antti Mäkitie, Ville Sivonen, Saku T. Sinkkonen 2023 International Journal of Bioprinting
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Sven Bossuyt

Sven Bossuyt

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Teo Keipi

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Xiaoqi Feng

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Chanmi Moon

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