Maria Ines Santos Silva

Maria Ines Santos Silva

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T212 Mechanical Engineering
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  • Materiaaleista tuotteiksi, Väitöskirjatutkija


Review of conventional and advanced non-destructive testing techniques for detection and characterization of small-scale defects

Maria Santos Silva, Evgenii Malitckii, Telmo G. Santos, Pedro Vilaça 2023 Progress in Materials Science

Industry 4.0 Foundry Data Management and Supervised Machine Learning in Low-Pressure Die Casting Quality Improvement

Tekin Uyan, Kevin Otto, Maria Santos Silva, Pedro Vilaça, Elvan Armakan 2023 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF METALCASTING

Double active transient thermography

Miguel A. Machado, Maria I. Silva, Ana P. Martins, Marta S. Carvalho, Telmo G. Santos 2022 NDT and E International