Iikka Virkkunen

Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor
T212 Mechanical Engineering

Research topics include materials degradation and non-destructive testing. In materials degradation, focus is on energy materials (nuclear, in particular), fatigue, thermal fatigue and residual stresses. Recent research focuses on measuring and understanding weld residual stresses in complex nuclear welds, dissimilar metal welds and weld repairs and their possible relaxation during in-service use.

In non-destructive testing, the research focus is on reliability assessment of various NDT methods, probability of detection determination and advanced NDT data processing.

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Areas of expertise

Materials, Residual stresses, Probability of detection, NDT, Fatigue, 216 Materials engineering, Metals

Research groups

  • Materials to Products, Adjunct Professor


Deploying Machine Learning for Radiography of Aerospace Welds

Topias Tyystjärvi, Peter Fridolf, Anders Rosell, Iikka Virkkunen 2024

Study of fusion boundary microstructure and local mismatch of SA508/alloy 52 dissimilar metal weld with buttering

N. Hytönen, Y. Ge, Z. Que, S. Lindqvist, P. Nevasmaa, I. Virkkunen, P. Efsing 2023

Machine Learning for Plane Wave Imaging

Tuomas Koskinen, Topias Tyystjärvi, Oskari Jessen-Juhler, Iikka Virkkunen 2023 60th Annual Conference of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, NDT 2023

Virtual round robin 2 – Phased array inspection of dissimilar metal welds

Iikka Virkkunen, Tuomas Koskinen, Oskar Siljama 2023

NDE 4.0 : New Paradigm for the NDE Inspection Personnel

Marija Bertovic, Iikka Virkkunen 2022 Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation 4.0

Fusion Boundary Microstructure and Fracture Behavior of a nar-row-gap Alloy 52 Dissimilar Metal Weld and an Alloy 52 Dissimilar Metal Weld with Buttering

Noora Hytönen, Zaiqing Que, Sebastian Lindqvist, Jari Lydman, Yanling Ge, Iikka Virkkunen, Ulla Ehrnstén, Paavo Rautala, Pål Efsing, Björn Forssgren 2022 Fontevraud 10, September 19 to 22, 2022, Avignon, France


Heikki Keinänen, Juha Kuutti, Noora Hytönen, Pekka Nevasmaa, Caitlin Huotilainen, Iikka Virkkunen, Suprit Bhusare, Aloshious Lambai, Gaurav Mohanty 2022 ASME 2022 Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference : Materials and Fabrication

The Advantage of Machine Learning to the Inspector

Tuomas Koskinen, Topias Tyystjärvi, Oskar Siljama, Iikka Virkkunen 2022 59th Annual Conference of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, NDT 2022

Study of cracking and microstructure in Co-free valve seat hardfacing

Zaiqing Que, Matias Ahonen, Iikka Virkkunen, Pekka Nevasmaa, Paavo Rautala, Hannu Reinvall 2022

Nuclear Power

Thiago Seuaciuc-Osorio, Iikka Virkkunen, H. Miedl, B. Briquez, Hany Abdel-Khalik, C. Lamb, Ed Bradley, Harri Varjonen, C. Batra, P. Dieguez Porras, J. Eiler, T. Jevremovic, Brianna Johnsson 2022 Artificial Intelligence for Accelerating Nuclear Applications, Science and Technology