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Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering

Urban realities are becoming increasingly dynamic, complex and fragmented while demands for their livability, sustainability, competitiveness, and attractiveness increase. Our research connects spatial planning and transportation engineering for developing new scientific knowledge needed in systemic understanding, problem-solving, and integrative planning and policy-making beyond sectoral boundaries, aimed at achieving human-centered living environments.
Traffic in Mannerheimintie, photo Aalto University/Annamari Tolonen

The sustainability of our modern living environments is being challenged by rapid processes of urbanisation and climate change. In addition to contributing to the advances in digitalisation and automation through various smart city initiatives, shaping our futures requires deeper understanding of human behavior and values, urban systems dynamics, citizen participation practices, and inter-sectoral institutional collaboration.

Research overview

Deeply rooted in understanding the complexities of important societal challenges reflected in our everyday environments, this research group has both practice- and science-based approach to engineering as collaborative development. To account for a wicked challenges of our futures, this group has developed a wide spectrum of critical research topics in the area of sustainable built environment and systems design.

Our research themes

Latest publications

Cooperative messages to enhance the performance of L3 vehicles approaching roadworks

Serio Agriesti, Marco Ponti, Giovanna Marchionni, Paolo Gandini 2021 EUROPEAN TRANSPORT RESEARCH REVIEW


Serio Agriesti, Marco Ponti, Luca Studer, Roberto Maja, Ornella Aleccia, Jochen Lohmiller, Isaac Vargas Gordillo 2021 TRANSPORT

A methodological framework for analysis of participatory mapping data in research, planning, and management

Nora Fagerholm, Christopher M. Raymond, Anton Stahl Olafsson, Gregory Brown, Tiina Rinne, Kamyar Hasanzadeh, Anna Broberg, Marketta Kyttä 2021 International Journal of Geographical Information Science

Multiple Dimensions of Strategic Spatial Planning : Local Authorities Navigating between Rationalities in Competitive and Collaborative Settings

K. Granqvist, H. Mattila, R. Mäntysalo, A. Hirvensalo, S. Teerikangas, H. Kalliomäki 2021 Planning Theory and Practice

Agency in circular city ecosystems—A rationalities perspective

Antero Hirvensalo, Satu Teerikangas, Noelia Sarah Reynolds, Helka Kalliomäki, Raine Mäntysalo, Hanna Mattila, Kaisa Granqvist 2021 Sustainability (Switzerland)

Assessing impacts of PPGIS on urban land use planning : evidence from Finland and Poland

Piotr Jankowski, Kirsi Forss, Michał Czepkiewicz, Heli Saarikoski, Maarit Kahila 2021 European Planning Studies

Examining the effects of residential location and stated residential preferences on activity space size and centricity

Anna Kajosaari, Sayyed M. Haybatollahi, Kamyar Hasanzadeh, Marketta Kyttä-Pirjola 2021 Travel Behaviour and Society

Restorative benefits of everyday green exercise : A spatial approach

Anna Kajosaari, Tytti P. Pasanen 2021 LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING

Maximizing User Throughput at Signalized Intersections in a Connected Vehicle Environment

Roozbeh Mohammadi, Claudio Roncoli, Milos Mladenovic 2021 Transportation Research Board 100th Annual Meeting
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Research database

Research group members

Marketta Kyttä

Marketta Kyttä

T213 Built Environment

Antti Kauppi


Veera Moll


Pilvi Nummi

Postdoctoral researcher

Oya Duman

Doctoral candidate
Roozbeh Mohammadi

Roozbeh Mohammadi

Doctoral candidate
T213 Built Environment

Ze Zhou

Doctoral candidate

Cafer Avci

Postdoctoral researcher
Atiullah Muhammad Saif

Atiullah Muhammad Saif

Doctoral candidate
T213 Built Environment

Samira Dibaj

Doctoral candidate

Alonso Espinosa

Postdoctoral researcher

Murat Bayrak

Postdoctoral researcher

Shaya Vosough

Postdoctoral researcher

Our location

Konetekniikka 1, Otakaari 4

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Mechanical engineering 1, K1.
Address: Otakaari 4.

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